CellDrop™ EasyApps® Software

DeNovix CellDrop Series instruments are stand-alone systems equipped with intuitive, easy-to-use apps for automatic cell counting and viability analysis.


Application Highlights


Key Features

  •   Intuitive app icons for quick recognition
  •   7″ HD Touchscreen with fluid pinch and zoom, glove-compatible touch interface
  •   Live HD preview of cell samples
  •   Real-time cell size gating on main results screen
  •   High definition cell outlining
  •   Password protected user accounts for project and data management
  •   Thousands of measurements stored onboard instrument (60GB SSD is standard)

Brightfield Apps (all models)

Brightfield Trypan Blue

Key Features

  •   Fast count of Brightfield cell image
  •   Live/dead assessment using Trypan Blue assay
  •   Cells/mL, cell size and % viability reported


Fluorescence Apps (CellDrop FL only)


AO (Acridine
PI (Propidium
AO / PI Yeast GFP Transfection

Key Features

  •   All Brightfield capabilities plus 2 channel fluorescence (green and red)
  •   Cell viability analysis using acridine orange (AO) and propidium iodide (PI)
  •   Analyze primary cells in the presence of debris
    • AO for identification of nucleated cells
    • PI for cell viability
    • AO/PI for live/dead
  •   Yeast viability
  •   GFP Transfection Efficiency
  •   Six intuitive results analysis formats

Utility Apps

Data Custom

Key Features

  •   Password protected accounts available
  •   All data automatically saved & searchable by account, application and date
  •   Print reports to a networked printer
  •   Export full data sets via email;  save to a network folder or USB thumb drive
  •  Custom Methods for user-defined analyses (includes all Brightfield capabilities plus 2 channel fluorescence)

Count Codes (all models- Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) option)


Key Features

  •   Count codes are used for CellDrop BF and CellDrop FL instruments that were purchased with the PAYG option
  •   Users enters a purchased 20-digit code directly into instrument software to replenish counts
  •   Share counts between user accounts
  •   User-settable low count threshold will alert users when count codes are running low