Software Version History for DS-11 Series, QFX and DSC

Release Details

V3.37 (18-Jun-2019)
• Minor bug fix
• No changes for QFX

V3.35 (13-Nov-2018)
• Minor bug fix  to OD600 app
• No changes for QFX

V3.34 (2-Nov-2018)
• Minor bug fix

V3.33 (31-Oct-2018)
• Minor improvements

V3.30 (24-Aug-2018)
• Bug fix for absorbance apps
• No changes for QFX

V3.29 (2-July-2018)
• Fluoro app bug fix

V3.28 (20-June-2018)
• Minor bug fixes
• No changes for QFX

V3.26 (06-Apr-2018)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.25 (28-Mar-2018)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.24 (19-Feb-2018)
• Bug fix for software download and install from website. USB unaffected.

V3.21 (02-Feb-2018)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.20 (08-Jan-2018)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.19 (22-Dec-2017)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.18 (03-Nov-2017)
• Minor bug fix to arm home sequence
• No changes for QFX

V3.17 (26-Sep-2017)
• Minor bug fix

V3.16 (14-Sep-2017)
• Improvements to extended Kinetics runs
• Other minor bug fixes

V3.15 (25-Jul-2017)
• Minor bug fix

V3.14 (10-Jul-2017)
• Minor lamp reset improvement
• No changes for QFX

V3.13 (30-Jun-2017)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.12 (21-Apr-2017)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.11 (17-Apr-2017)
• Network Printing – new printers added
• Minor bug fixes

V3.10 (02-Mar-2017)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.09 (30-Jan-2017)
• DS-C Cuvette Spectrophotometer Commercial Release
• Minor bug fixes

V3.08 (20-Dec-2016)
• Microvolume blank duration reduced
• SmartPath update to unidirectional sequence
• Cuvette IQ/OQ added to Formula Methods app

V3.07 (12-Oct-2016)
• USB eject feature added

V3.06 (12-Oct-2016)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.05 (20-Sept-2016)
• Soft shutdown feature added
• Updater App improvements
• Minor bug fixes

V3.03 (22-June-2016)
•Bug fixed that caused small percentage of updates to fail

V3.02 (20-June-2016)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.01 (16-June-2016)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.00 (27-May-2016)
• Best in Class Lower Detection Limits (0.75 ng/uL dsDNA & 0.04 mg/mL BSA)
• SmartQCTM Sample Guidance Software
• Updates to GUI for Home Screen and Apps
• Fluorometer Diagnostics App
• Dymo 450 Label Printer Support
• QFX Fluorometers use QFX specific update package
• Automated Firmware Installation
• Korean Language
• Bug fixes

V2.10 (09-Nov-2015)
• Fast Mode (2 second measurements)
• Higher absorbance measurements enabled (up to 750 abs)
• Sample surface contamination user alert
• Updater installs only all files
• Minor bug fixes

V2.03 (29-Sept-2015)
• Minor bug fixes

V2.01 (04-Sept-2015)
• UV channel added
• Minor bug fixes

V2.00 (26-June-2015)
• Commercial release of fluorometer mode apps

V1.71 (04-Apr-2015)
• Minor bug fixes and foreign language updates

V1.70 (04-Feb-2015)
• Network Printing
• Label printer formats added for paper roll & cryo-tag tube labels
• Flexible export formatting
• User selectable report units
• Czech, Hungarian, Italian and Ukrainian languages added

V1.60 (29-Aug-2014)
• Network drive export capabilities via SMB or FTP
• Backup & Restore via Settings app
• Chinese Language added

V1.51 (8-Aug-2014)
• Bug fix

V1.50B (28-Jul-2014)
• Internal communication and firmware update

V1.50 (19-Jun-2014)
• Peptide app released
• Added Japanese and Polish languages

V1.37C (09-May-2014)
• Minor bug fix for Data app

V1.37B (21-Apr-2014)
• New version of Updater app which automates software updates

V1.37 (28-Mar-2014)
• Added Spanish language
• System performance optimization

V1.36 (25-Feb-2014)
• Fixed issue that could cause Data app to crash when data archive is attempted

V1.35 (14-Feb-2014)
• Added data archive feature
• Added Portuguese and Russian languages
• Added UV-Vis wavelength cursor selection

V1.32 (25-Nov-2013)
• Minor bug fix to Diagnostics app

V1.31 (14-Nov-2013)
• Added run screen drop-down for mode selection in measurement apps

V1.30 (2-Oct-2013)
• Initial DS-11+ commercial software including cuvette mode and Kinetics App
• Address book for email addresses included in Accounts App

V1.21 (29-Aug-2013)
• Added capability for data inputs and .csv export for number formats that use a decimal comma instead of a decimal point
• Fixed target absorbance range input criteria for LCNA in Diagnostics App

V1.20 (22-Aug-2013)
• Initial commercial software