Data Analysis and Review

Software Data Analysis

The DeNovix® DS-11 Spectrophotometer software automatically analyzes and saves all measurement results to the onboard instrument computer. Measurement apps as well as the Data app use a three page structure to maximize the information provided while maintaining an intuitive, uncluttered interface






Absorbance data is analyzed and app specific relevant data such as calculated concentrations and purity ratios are displayed on the Run screen. A running list of sample results are presented on the Results screen. Sample spectra are displayed on the Graph screen. Up to 24 spectra may be overlaid on the graph for quick sample comparisons.

Data of interest can be emailed, sent to a network folder or saved to a FAT32 formatted USB thumb drives. The export format is a .csv file that may be opened with common spreadsheet programs such as Excel for user-specific additional analysis. The files include the relevant data presented on the Report screen as well as all absorbance values per wavelength across the measured wavelength range. Click here for more information.

DS-11 Data App


The software also includes an intuitive Data app which enables the user to review and export results from multiple measurement sessions at their convenience. This capability makes it easy to compare samples measured on different days.




The app includes both Quick and Advanced Search options to make it easy to find your data. Simply filter by account and parameters of interest, tap “Search” and get your results. Click here to learn more about the capabilities of the DS-11 Data app.