Fluorometer Mode

Fluorescence Freedom!

The DS-11 FX Series, FX Module and the QFX all provide researchers with ease-of-use and flexibility like no other fluorometer available. Four fluorescent channels allow scientists to utilize an expanded selection of fluorophores.


Assay Independence

DeNovix fluorometer modeChoose the assay you wish to work with, not the one dictated to you by a fluorometer manufacturer. DeNovix EasyApps® are pre-configured with a large selection of commercially available quantification assays. Choose easy two-point standard curve DeNovix dsDNA Assays or Qubit® and QuantusTM assays for dsDNA, RNA or protein quantification.



Multiple Channels with the Researcher in Mind

DeNovix Fluorometers include four emission and excitation channels to provide scientists the flexibility to use the fluorophore and detection ranges of your choice. Choose from UV (375 nm), Blue (470 nm), Green (525 nm) or Red (635 nm) excitation sources.



Assays included in DeNovix EasyApps®
Choose from one of these pre-programmed assays, or create your own!

fx_DNAFluoro dsDNA: DeNovix dsDNA Broad Range, DeNovix dsDNA High Sensitivity, DeNovix dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity, Quant-iT PicoGreen® , Quant-iT  dsDNA HS, Quant-iT  dsDNA BR, Qubit®dsDNA BR, Qubit®dsDNA HS, Quantifluor dsDNA and Quantifluor One dsDNA

Fluoro RNA: Quant-iT Ribogreen, Quant-iT RNA BR, Quant-iT RNA HS, Qubit® RNA BR, Qubit® RNA HS, Quantifluor RNA, Quant-iT microRNA, Qubit® MicroRNA



Fluoro ssDNA: Quant-iT OliGreen, Qubit® ssDNA, Quantifluor ssDNA


Fluoro Protein: Quant-iT Protein, Qubit® Protein





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