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US Customers may purchase the following DeNovix instruments via credit card. Please contact your DeNovix Distributor if you are located outside of the United States. To purchase instruments other than those shown on this page, please request a quote.

DS-C Cuvette Spectrophotometer Special Promotion

Normal List Price $6,950 USD
Special Promotion Price: $4,950

>  Powerful, Network-Integrated Software
>  Pre-programmed with Intuitive DeNovix EasyApps
>  Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Connectivity
>  Optional Fluorescence Upgrade
>  32 GB Storage to save millions of results

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DS-C Color Choices

QFX Fluorometer + Assay Bundle Special Promotion


>  Leading Sensitivity and Reproducibility
>  Powerful, Network-Integrated Software
>  Pre-programmed with commercially common assays
>  Requires just 1 – 20 uL of sample
>  Includes three DeNovix dsDNA Assay Kits: Broad Range (250), High Sensitivity (50), Ultra High Sensitivity (50) plus 1 package (500 ct.) assay tubes

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QFX Fluorometer + Assay Bundle


DeNovix FX Fluorometer Module

>  For use with any DS-11, DS-11+ or DS-C Spectrophotometer
>  USB Connection with immediate activation of all fluorometer EasyApps
>  Fluorometer specifications identical to QFX, DS-11 FX or DS-11 FX+
>  Activates all DeNovix fluorometer apps

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FX Fluorometer Module