US Senator Chris Coons Visits DeNovix Inc.

United States Senator Chris Coons recently visited DeNovix Inc. to tour the facility and view the newly patented CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counter.

WILMINGTON, DE — September 5th, 2019 — United States Senator Chris Coons was welcomed to Wilmington Delaware offices of DeNovix Inc. to visit the expanded facilities and view the recently patented CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counter. During the visit, Senator Coons met with company personnel, toured the facility and participated in a hands-on demonstration of the DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer and CellDrop Series instruments.

DeNovix was recently awarded U.S. Patent 10,302,568 for their innovation in the field of cell counting. CellDrop Automated Cell Counters feature DirectPipetteTM Technology. The system design allows samples to be loaded into a permanent, reusable sample chamber. The technology eliminates the need for consumable plastic slides commonly used in cell counting applications.

During the visit, Senator Coons had an opportunity to discuss with DeNovix leadership the challenges of creating a successful, innovative company in the life science sector and how the network of resources available in the State of Delaware contribute to that success. 

“It was a pleasure to host Senator Coons at DeNovix” stated CEO Fred Kielhorn. “The state of Delaware has a thriving bioscience environment with first class resources to help support innovation and commercialization. We are very pleased that the Senator chose to come to DeNovix to learn more about our company and what has driven our success.”