Overview of DeNovix Spectrophotometer & Fluorometer Series


The Most Sensitive UV-Vis and Fluorescence Quantification Combined!
DeNovix is a global leader in the development of microvolume UV-Vis and fluorescence-based instruments. The DS-11 Series offers the most sensitive and reproducible 1µL absorbance measurements available, delivered with confidence by our patented* design and SmartPath® Technology.
Our patent-pending fluorometer technology offers assay flexibility, industry leading reproducibility and unmatched sensitivity and dynamic range when combined with the DeNovix dsDNA quantification assays. The DS-11 FX Series instruments combines microvolume absorbance and fluorescence detection offering best-in-class detection range, sensitivity and ease-of-use.

All units are stand-alone (no PC) and include EasyApps® pre-installed on an Android™ operating system. Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB allows easy connection and export of your data.

Trusted by Thousands of Scientists Worldwide.
SelectScience Award Winner of both the 2018 Platinum Seal of Quality and the 2017 Reviewers’ Choice Life Science Product of the Year, the DS-11 FX series is trusted and recommended by scientists worldwide. Consistently rated 5 stars on independent product review websites and covered by a full three-year warranty, our products deliver reliable and accurate data to thousands of life scientists every day.

Multiple Mode Choices


DeNovix gives scientists a choice of single mode or multiple mode instruments. Select the model best suited for your applications. Analysis options include 1µL UV-Vis, cuvette UV-Vis and 0.5mL PCR tube fluorometer modes.

All instruments are available in your choice of four DeNovix colors!



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
* Patent US9442009 – Apparatus and Method for Making Optical Measurements of Samples