DS-11 Series Technical Notes


Tech notes including performance data and quick help can be found at the links below:

Software Notes
104 EasyApps® Highlights
134 Data App Highlights
204 DS-11 Series Android Email Set-up
122 Network Set-up
173 Network Printer Set-up
124 Export, Archive, Backup and Restore
118 Software Updates via USB
119 Baseline Correction
116 Malware Protection

SmartPath® Technology
126 SmartPath® Technology Explained
120 SmartPath® and High Absorbance
135 SmartPath® Technology with Bridge Testing® Ensures Measurement Accuracy
125 DS-11 Advantages vs NanoDrop 2000

Performance Data
166 DS-11 FX Series vs NanoDrop™ One
172 DS-11 FX Series vs Qubit®
167 DeNovix QFX Fluorometer vs. Qubit®
178 DeNovix SmartQC™ vs. Nanodrop™ Acclaro™
105 Microvolume Nucleic Acid Performance Data
136 DS-11+ vs Agilent 8453 Performance Data
107 Microvolume Protein Performance Data
108 Microvolume Protein Colorimetrics Assay Data
176 Methods of Protein Quantification
113 Microvolume Mode Carryover Studies
115 Microvolume Alexa Fluor 555 Performance Data
138 Peptide App Performance Data
168 OD600 Measurements

Fluorescence Performance Data
200 DeNovix RNA Assay Performance Data
157 Broad Range Assay Performance Data
158 High Sensitivity Assay Performance Data
159 Ultra High Sensitivity Assay Performance Data
154 Fluorescence Measurements Best Practices
156 Absorbance and Fluorescence Quantification
162 DeNovix Fluorescent dsDNA Assay Ranges
169 Qubit RNA Assay Performance Data
171 Qubit ssDNA Assay Performance Data
170 GFP Quantification Performance Data
179 Fluorescein Performance Data

Fluorescence Assay Protocols
199 DeNovix RNA Assay Standard Protocol
198 DeNovix RNA Assay Detailed Protocol
142 Broad Range Assay Standard Protocol
143 Broad Range Assay Detailed Protocol
144 High Sensitivity Assay Standard Protocol
145 High Sensitivity Assay Detailed Protocol
146 Ultra High Sensitivity Assay Standard Protocol
147 Ultra High Sensitivity Assay Detailed Protocol
160 DeNovix High Sensitivity Assay Protocol for Qubit fluorometers
161 DeNovix Ultra High Sensitivity Assay Protocol for Qubit fluorometers

Best Practices and Troubleshooting
165 DS-11 FX Series Troubleshooting Guide
180 Five Ways to Improve UV-Vis Accuracy
106 Spectrophotometry Best Practices
175 Microvolume Reproducibility Tips
110 Sample Surface Cleaning
130 Purity Ratios
123 Microvolume Pathlength Verification Protocol
174 Cuvette Absorbance Verification Protocol
131 Diagnostics App Self Test
177 Technical Support Files
163 DS-11 Home Screen Reset
164 DS-11 Database Manager Reset



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