Technology Focus

DeNovix is committed to uncovering and solving the challenges found in the work processes of life science laboratories around the world. The best ideas are born of necessity and will come from you, the primary researcher. We are interested in developing instrumentation to streamline your workflows and help advance up-and-coming technologies.

Our staff of scientists and engineers have a proven track record of commercializing innovative technology. We have the resources and experience to help solve your problems.

Our Areas of Interest Include:

  •     Genomics/Proteomics
  •     Cancer Research
  •     Immunology
  •     Cell Biology/Cell Culture
  •     Next Generation Sequencing
  •     Single Cell Analysis
  •     Qualitative/Quantitative Sample Analysis
  •     High Throughput
  •     Bioengineering

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Do you have an idea or workflow challenge that falls within our interest areas? Click here to send us a message and we will be happy to discuss how we can help.