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The DeNovix DS-11 Spectrophotometer is an compact, stand-alone instrument with intuitive, easy-to-use apps for quantifying DNA, RNA and Protein.

Pre-configured apps ensure optimized workflows while the streamlined yet powerful Custom User Methods app enables researchers to quickly create and save new methods.


Application Highlights


Key Features

  • •   Intuitive app Icons for quick recognition
  • •   Familiar Android navigation touch gestures and functional icons
  • •   Fluid pinch, zoom glove compatible touch interface
  • •   AutoRun option for streamlined operation
  • •   Optimized screens for reports and graph overlays
  • •   Password protected accounts for project and data management
  • •   Absorbance represented as 1 cm equivalent for all apps- no confusion between applications
  • •   Sample name field is key-focused for easy barcode reader use
  • •   All data is automatically archived and easily exported in tab-delimited format

Nucleic Acids

dsdna icon rna icon ssdna icon microarray icon
dsDNA RNA ssDNA Microarray

Key Features

  • •   Separate preconfigured apps for optimized workflow
  • •   Preconfigured and user defined factors for ssDNA ensures appropriate concentration calculations
  • •   High absorbance capability: up to 25,000 ng/ul for dsDNA
  • •   260/280 and 260/230 ratios displayed
  • •   11 Preconfigured dyes and fluorphores for Microarray
  • •   Option to add an unlimited number of new dyes for quick recall in Microarray




a280 icon labeled protein icon colorimetrics icon
A280 Labeled Proteins Colorimetrics

Key Features

  • •   Separate preconfigured apps for optimized workflow
  • •   Preconfigured and user defined protein types for A280 and Labeled Proteins
  • •   Quick addition of new user defined protein types for improved workflow
  • •   Ultra short pathlength enables high absorbance capability: up to 750 mg/ml BSA
  • •   11 Preconfigured dyes and fluorphores for Labeled Proteins
  • •   Option to add an unlimited number of new dyes for quick recall in Labeled Proteins
  • •   BCA, Bradford, Lowry and 660 nm colorimetric assays optimized for ease of use
  • •   Quick save and recall of standard curves available

UV-Vis & Custom User Methods

uv vis icon stdcurve_methods-2 formulamethods
UV-Vis Std Curve Methods Formula Methods

Key Features

  • •   Simple but powerful apps enable measurement of more than just nucleic acids and proteins
  • •   Full spectrum analaysis (190 to 840 nm)
  • •   Broad absorbance range for highly concentrated samples (up to 500 A, 1 cm equivalent)
  • •   Add new standard curve methods
  • •   Add custom formulas to elminate downstream calculations
  • •   Add new kinetics methods (DS-11+ model)

Kinetics & OD 600

kinetics icon  od 600 icon
Kinetics OD 600

Key Features

  • •   DS-11+ model enables cuvette based kinetics studies
  • •   Full spectrum analaysis (190 to 840 nm), with dual or single wavelength monitoring
  • •   Built-in heater with temperature control between 37° to 45° C.
  • •   Dual graphs enable absorbance vs time or absorbance vs wavelength plots
  • •   All kinetic data saved
  • •   Save new kinetics methods (DS-11+ model)
  • •   Estimated cell number calculator included in OD 600 app

Accounts & Data

 accounts icon database icon
Accounts Data

Key Features

  • •   Password protected accounts available
  • •   All data automatically archived
  • •   All data searchable by account, sample name, sample type, application or date of measurement
  • •   Quick reports may be printed with DeNovix supported printer
  • •   Full data sets may be shared via email or exported to a USB device