Greatest Sensitivity, Widest Dynamic Range

DeNovix Fluorescence Assay Kits provide the greatest sensitivity and widest dynamic range available today. DeNovix offers highly specific assay kits for dsDNA and RNA. DeNovix kits selectively and accurately quantify in the presence of common contaminants such as other nucleic acids or protein. Combine the specificity of fluorescence with the purity measurements of absorbance on our DS-11 FX or DS-11 FX+ for the optimum sample QC procedure.

  • Widest Dynamic Range: dsDNA 0.5 pg/µL - 4000 ng/µL and RNA 250 pg/µL - 1000 ng/µL)
  • dsDNA 20X Greater Sensitivity than Qubit®
  • One RNA kit replaces full Qubit® Range
  • Simple Mix-and-Measure Assay

DeNovix dsDNA Quantification Assays

DeNovix dsDNA Assays cover three overlapping ranges of sensitivity. Each kit includes standards for easy set up of a two-point standard curve. DeNovix Assays have a wider dynamic range than Qubit® dsDNA assays – and are more affordable. The breakthrough DeNovix dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity assay allows measurement of samples as low as 0.5 pg/µL (original sample concentration), 20X lower than the core range of the Qubit® dsDNA HS assay. View our Tech Note comparing dsDNA quantification on DeNovix and Qubit® Fluorometers.

Dynamic Range vs. Qubit®





DeNovix RNA Quantification Assays

The DeNovix RNA Assay quantifies the widest range of sample concentrations available in a single kit. DeNovix Assays have a wider dynamic range than the Qubit® Broad Range and High Sensitivity assays combined. The assay measures sample concentrations of 250 pg/µL to 1500 ng/µL RNA.  This corresponds to a total mass of 0.5 ng to 1500 ng RNA.


Dynamic Range vs. Qubit®

dynamic range



Performance Results and Comparison

The Figures below demonstrate that the DeNovix RNA Assay enables measurement of RNA through a range of 0.5 ng (20 µL of 0.25 ng/μL) to 1500 ng (1 µL of 1500 ng/µL) by varying mass and volume of samples. The assay performance is linear over the range analyzed with an exceptional R2 value.


Broad Range comparison

HS range comparison

Qubit® Compatible

DeNovix dsDNA Assays may be used on instruments other than DeNovix Fluorometers. Visit our  Qubit® resources page for downloadable .qbt files which enable Qubit® Fluorometers to quantify dsDNA or RNA with DeNovix assays.


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