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Select Science and Biocompare provide scientists with a venue for posting impartial reviews of research instrumentation. Reviews may also be posted on Google. We invite our customers to help tell the world about DeNovix! Please post your review of a DeNovix product at any of these websites. As a thank you, we’ll be happy to send you a DeNovix t-shirt or similar gift.



DeNovix DS-11 FX+ helps Nobel Prize Winning Lab Studies DNA Repair Mechanisms.

SelectScience interviews Dr Laura Lindsey-Boltz, Associate Research Professor in the Nobel Prize-winning Sancar Laboratory, at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Read More

Ukraine National Academy of Science Wins Unique Pink DS-11 FX+

The winner, randomly chosen from thousands of eligible entries to the company’s drawing, is Dr. Olena Livinska of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. Olena is a research associate in the Department of Physiology of Industrial Microorganisms in the Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology. Olena is also the Head of Council of Young Researchers (CYR) in the Institute. Read More

Darwin Samples Studied Using DeNovix DS-11 FX

Dr. Alejandra Perotti of the University of Reading discusses DNA analysis on a rare collection of lice and mites preserved by Charles Darwin, Alfred Wallace and other experts in entomology. The investigation is part of a project studying early mankind migration patterns. Dr. Perotti reviews her work and how the flexibility and sensitivity of the DS-11 FX is aiding in their analysis of this historic collection.


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