Software Updates

updaterUse the CellDrop Updater app to download and install updates via WiFi or ethernet.  An ethernet connection is recommended for updates that include an OS update.

For update via USB drive, download the package below to the root directory of a FAT32, high quality USB drive. Do not unzip the file.  Launch the Updater app and follow on screen instructions.

CellDrop will automatically reboot as required during update.

» CellDrop Software Version V1.9.7

If you experience issues updating, please ensure you are using a high quality USB drive. If troubles persist, please contact DeNovix or your distributor for assistance.


User Guide

View the latest version of the CellDrop User Guide here.


Software Version History

V1.9.7 (25-Aug-2021)
• Initialization additional improvement

V1.9.6 (18-Aug-2021)
• Initialization improvement
• Minor bug fix

V1.9.5 (5-Aug-2021)
• Minor bug fix

V1.9.3 (3-Jun-2021)
• Minor bug fix related to initialization

V1.9.2 (21-May-2021)
• Settings app / ethernet – bug fix

V1.9.1 (17-May-2021)
• Custom exposure – Expanded custom exposure range Trypan Blue and Trypan Blue Primary.
• Improvements for enhanced performance and stability

V1.9.0 (19-Mar-2021)
• Custom exposure – Ability to set a custom exposure in Trypan Blue and Trypan Blue Primary.
• SMB export of data to windows network folders
• Additional graphs, cell counts by size and cluster information
• Correct touch area for small cell mode on protocol page
• Checking boxes for irregular cell mode or small cell mode enables Save Settings to Protocol button

V1.7.2 (24-Aug-2020)
• 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Ready Software Commercial release
• Correct touch area for small cell mode on protocol page
• Checking boxes for irregular cell mode or small cell mode enables Save Settings to Protocol button

V1.7.1 (17-July-2020)
• Minor bug fix

V1.7.0 (15-July-2020)
• New protocol setting: Irregular Cell Mode added to improve counts of elliptically or irregularly shaped cells
• New Apps: Primary Cell Trypan Blue and Primary Cell AO/PI with optimized settings for easier primary cell counts

V1.6.9 (15-June-2020)
• Fixed dilution calculator bug that gave no answer for some languages

V1.6.8 (29-May-2020)
• Fixed email export bug
• User interface improvements

V1.6.7 (20-Dec-2019)
• Minor bug fixes

V1.6.6 (17-Dec-2019)
• Minor bug fixes

V1.6.5 (19-Nov-2019)
• OS 3.5.4 fixes USB communication camera error affecting some instruments
• Add network login portal
• Green/red overlay improved in AO/PI
• Extended green and red channel exposure times (setting options now 0-24)
• Exposure settings are saved when apps are closed instead of returning to defaults
• Extend download/install timeout for Updater app to five minutes
• Apply Settings button stores values that are shown when subsequently using Optimize Settings
• Add memory low warning if system has < 20 GB capacity remaining
• Include small cell mode on pdf report
• Updated translations for Chinese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Japanese, French and Spanish
• Bug fixes
– Noise sometimes counted in fluoro apps
– Protocol editing
– Default settings

V1.6.4 (09-Oct-2019)
• Hot fix to correct focus motor limit for some instruments

V1.6.3 (03-Oct-2019)
• Includes update to OS3.5.3. Use ethernet connection or high quality USB for quickest update due to file size
• HDMI connection bugs fixed
• Speaker pop eliminated
• Real time clock fix – requires one time select and save timezone after update
• Support A4 paper size for printing
• Bug fixes

V1.6.2 (30-Aug-2019)
• New Calculator App
• Bug fixes

V1.6.1 (26-July-2019)
• New Custom Methods App
• Added easier method to optimize settings and update protocols
• New Small Cell Mode
• Additional cell count and concentration results
• Fixed bug related to exporting large number of samples at one time
• Improved size gating control
• Cell concentration provided for all cells that are counted including dead cells (where applicable)

V1.6 (9-May-2019)
• Network printing added
• New Timer App
• User Guide – full guide included
• Language support for Chinese, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Italian
• Protocol default dilution factor 2 for assay-based apps
• Update Global focus position from overflow menu
• Trypan Blue app chamber height specific normal/low exposures for protocols
• Updater USB updates
• Tech Support via email
• AO/PI result image default is now BF/R/G 3 image overlay
• Change green outline colors to brighter green for easier view
• Sound enabled – known ‘speaker pop’ is scheduled in next OS update
• Minor Bug fixes

V1.5 (18-Mar-2019)
• Short chamber height now 50 microns

V1.4 (6-Mar-2019)
• Minor bug fix

V1.3 (28-Feb-2019)
• Export results functionality added

V1.2 (22-Feb-2019)
• Minor bug fix

V1.1 (14-Feb-2019)
• First commercial release of CellDrop software