DS-11 Series Videos

Learn the how and when fluorescence quantification can be the better method to quantify biomolecules. Both fluorescence and UV-Vis methods are simple and each has its advantages over the other. This video explains those details and demonstrates fluorescence quantification using DeNovix fluorometers.
Results can be easily exported from DeNovix instruments and in the wide variety of formats. Whether you want to export screen shots, raw data or custom formatted exports to destinations such as email, USB, printers, network folders...it's all explained in this video!
DS-11 Series Spectrophotometers / Fluorometers are the first to offer fluorescence and microvolume UV-Vis measurements in a single instrument. Watch the product video for an overview of the key features of the range, including microvolume and cuvette UV-Vis, Fluorescence and powerful data handling, networking and export options.
The University of Reading investigates a rare collection including specimens collected by Charles Darwin, Alfred Wallace and other noted entomologists. Dr. Alejandra Perotti discusses her research and how the absorbance and fluorescence quantification of the DeNovix DS-11 FX is helping them evaluate this historic collection.