DS-11 awards

World’s Top-Rated 1 µL Spectrophotometer

DS-11 Series Spectrophotometers / Fluorometers combine 1µL UV-Vis, cuvette UV-Vis, and fluorescence into one instrument. 

DS-11 Series

Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer

400+ Reviews  |  7,000+ Citations

Why Do Scientists Choose the DS-11 Series?

DeNovix takes spectrophotometry to a whole new level of performance with the DS-11 Series. This easy-to-use, compact spectrophotometer delivers full spectrum UV-Vis analysis and fluorescence capability, making it ideal for rapid nucleic acid and protein quantification.

DS-11 UV-Vis and Fluorescence
Three Modes in One

Nano UV-Vis, Fluorescence and Cuvette options. Multi-modal spectrophotometer fluorometer for unmatched specificity and sensitivity.

DS-11 EasyApps software
Powerful EasyApps™ Software

Easy-to-use, intuitive software designed by life scientists, for life scientists.

DS-11 SmartPath technology
SmartPath™ Technology

Designed for sensitivity and accuracy, SmartPath technology algorithms compress the sample so there’s never column breakage.

DS-11 awards
Multi-Award Winning

Twice-awarded Life Science Product of the Year, Platinum Seal of Quality.

DS-11 flexible export and connectivity
Flexible Export & Connectivity

Wi-Fi, USB, Email, Ethernet and more. Data app automatically saves results.

DS-11 maintenance free
Maintenance-Free Design

No recalibration required for the life of the instrument.

Rapid and Reliable 1µL UV-Vis

SmartPath™ Technology

The DeNovix team developed a combination of opto-mechanical components and software algorithms that optimize results for every sample. Bridge Testing™ verification eliminates unreliable results that stem from broken sample columns or loading issues.

  • Quantify DNA, RNA and protein in less than 3 seconds
  • Widest dynamic range and lowest detection limit
    • 0.75 – 37,500 ng/µL dsDNA
  • No routine maintenance or recalibration required
  • Full spectrum UV-Vis analysis using 0.5 – 1.0 µL of sample

SmartPath algorithms ensure that the sample is only compressed, never stretched, to keep the column intact.

SmartQC™ Contamination Alerts

Multiple algorithms ensure confidence in results while also providing important information about possible sample anomalies.

Integrated Fluorescence

Unmatched Sensitivity

The DS-11 Series uniquely integrates an optional 4-channel fluorometer. Fluorescence mode enables up to 1000x more sensitivity. DeNovix Fluorometers are compatible with a wide range of commonly used quantification assays.

Key Features
DS-11 fluorometer


Extend the lower detection limit for low concentration samples. Quantify down to 0.5 pg/µL dsDNA


Selectively quantify a sample in the presence of contaminants using DeNovix Fluorescence Quantification Assays.

Total Sample QC

Combine Absorbance and Fluorescence measurements for specific quantification and reliable contamination detection.

Cuvette Absorbance

DS-11 cuvette
Ultimate Flexibility

Use standard quartz or disposable cuvettes for up to 10 mm pathlength absorbance measurements (190 – 840 nm).

Cuvette applications include nucleic acids, proteins, colorimetric assays, OD600 and custom standard curves. Systems include a cuvette block heater for Kinetics studies from 37 – 45°C.

Wide Range of Applications

The DS-11 Series combines the ease of use, wide dynamic range, and contamination detection of UV-Vis with the enhanced sensitivity and specificity of fluorescence quantification. This unmatched flexibility allows the DS-11 Series to excel in a wide range of applications.

Nucleic Acid Quantification

  • Measurement ranges
    • 0.75 – 37,500 ng/µL dsDNA
    • 0.6 – 30,000 ng/µL RNA
  • Separate pre-configured apps for optimized workflow
  • Sample contaminant alerts
  • Pre-configured and user-defined factors for ssDNA ensures appropriate concentration calculations
  • 260/280 and 260/230 ratios displayed
  • 11 pre-configured dyes and fluorophores for Microarray
  • Option to add an unlimited number of new dyes for quick recall in Microarray

Protein Quantification

  • Measurement range
    • 0.04 – 1,125 mg/mL BSA
  • Pre-configured and user-defined protein types for A280 and Labeled Proteins
  • Pre-configured Peptide app for easy peptide analysis at A205/215
  • Quick addition of new user defined protein types for improved workflow
  • Ultra short pathlength enables high absorbance capability: up to 750 mg/mL BSA
  • 11 pre-configured dyes and fluorophores for Labeled Proteins
  • Option to add an unlimited number of new dyes for quick recall in Labeled Proteins
  • BCA, Bradford, Lowry and 660 nm colorimetric assays optimized for ease of use
  • Quick save and recall of standard curves available

Fluorescence Quantification

  • Measurement ranges
    • *0.0005 ng/µL – 4000 ng/µL dsDNA
    • *0.25 – 1500 ng/µL RNA
  • Four user-selectable LED light sources – compatible with all commonly used quantification assays e.g. DeNovix assays, Thermo Fisher Qubit™ assays, Thermo Fisher Quant-iT™ assays, and Promega Quantifluor™ assays
  • Easy configuration of additional assays
  • Single or multi-replicate standard curve options
  • User control of line fit, trend line analysis, subtraction of blank
  • User control of assay and reported sample concentration units
  • Save and re-use curves and lists of standard concentrations

*Using DeNovix Fluorescence Quantification assays. For other kits please see manufacturer’s specifications.

Custom Fluorescence Apps

  • Add new standard curve based fluorescent assays (nucleic assay, protein or other)
  • Basic Fluorometer app returns RFU values for a wide range of fluorophores

Fluorescence Freedom!

DeNovix fluorometers give scientists the flexibility to choose any fluorescent assay, not just the assays supplied by one manufacturer. Fluorometer apps are compatible with DeNovix Fluorescence Assays and other common commercially available assays measured in standard 0.5 mL thin-wall PCR tubes.

Compatible Assays Include:

dsDNA: DeNovix dsDNA Broad Range, DeNovix dsDNA High Sensitivity, DeNovix dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity, Quant-iT PicoGreen™, Quant-iT dsDNA HS, Quant-iT dsDNA BR, Qubit™ dsDNA BR, Qubit™ dsDNA HS, Quantifluor™ dsDNA, Quantifluor™ One dsDNA, Qubit™ 1X dsDNA HS, Qubit™ 1X dsDNA BR

RNA: DeNovix RNA Assay, Quant-iT Ribogreen, Quant-iT RNA BR, Quant-iT RNA HS, Qubit™ RNA BR, Qubit™ RNA HS, Quantifluor RNA, Quant-iT microRNA, Qubit™ MicroRNA

ssDNA: Quant-iT OliGreen, Qubit™ ssDNA, Quantifluor ssDNA

Protein: Quant-iT Protein, Qubit™ Protein, Qubit™ Protein BR

UV-Vis and Custom Apps

  • Simple but powerful apps enable measurement of more than just nucleic acids and proteins
  • Full spectrum analysis (190 – 840 nm)
  • Broad absorbance range for highly concentrated samples (up to 750 A, 1 cm equivalent)
  • Add new user-defined standard curve methods
  • Add custom formulas to eliminate downstream calculations
  • Add kinetics methods (DS-11+ / DS-11 FX+ models)

Kinetics and OD600

  • DS-11 FX+ and DS-11+ models enable cuvette-based kinetics studies
  • Full spectrum analysis (190 – 840 nm), with dual or single wavelength monitoring
  • Built-in heater with temperature control between 37° and 45° C.
  • Dual graphs enable absorbance vs. time or absorbance vs. wavelength plots
  • All kinetic data saved
  • Estimated cell number calculator included in OD 600 app

DS-11 Series Models and Specifications

Which DS-11 Series model is right for your lab? Compare all spectrophotometer fluorometer models with the full list of features and specifications.

A blue DS-11 FX+ spectrophotometer-fluorometer
DS-11 FX+
A blue DS-11 FX spectrophotometer-fluorometer
DS-11 FX
A blue DS-11+ spectrophotometer-fluorometer
A blue DS-11 spectrophotometer-fluorometer
A red DS-8X spectrophotometer-fluorometer
A silver DS-7 spectrophotometer-fluorometer
1 µL UV-Vis Samples✅ x 8
Cuvette Absorbance--
FluorescenceAdd OnAdd OnAdd OnUpgrade Required
Detection Limit (dsDNA)0.0005 –
37,500 ng/µL
0.0005 –
37,500 ng/µL
0.75 –
37,500 ng/µL
0.75 –
37,500 ng/µL
2 –
11,000 ng/µL
2 – 15,000 ng/µL

A Splash of Color in Your Lab

All DS-11 Series models are available in four colors: Brazilian Blue, Arctic White, Tungsten Silver, and Fire Red.

Software Features

dsDNA spectrum


The DS-11 Series is equipped with pre-configured applications for each of the most commonly measured biomolecule types. All apps readily present results and spectra onscreen in seconds.

  • Concentration
  • Purity Ratios
  • SmartQC Contamination Alerts
  • Spectrum
DS-11 FX+ Home Screen

EasyApps™ Software

EasyApps software is designed by life scientists and combines with an intuitive touchscreen interface to ensure error-free operation and sample to data in under 3 seconds. Every instrument is ready to go right out of the box – no PC set-up or software installation required.

Data App Search Tab

User Accounts and Data Handling

  • All data is automatically saved and searchable in the Data App
  • Password protected accounts available
  • LIMS compatible data export format
  • Print microfuge tube labels using a DeNovix supported printer
  • Print reports to a networked printer or DeNovix supported label printer
  • Export full data sets via email; save to a network folder or USB thumb drive


Simply and securely connect the DS-11 to your network by Wi-Fi or Ethernet to enable data exporting by email, or print reports to network or label printers.

Each measurement is automatically saved to a large onboard memory, enabling storage and retrieval of millions of samples. For labs requiring external data storage, network folder locations can be defined for each user account to automatically export and archive results.

Purity ratio alert dsDNA

SmartQC™ Contamination Alerts

During measurements, SmartQC will check samples against well-established purity ratios. Samples that do not meet purity specifications will be flagged with visual alert icons. Tapping on an alert icon on the Run screen will provide detailed information regarding the possible reasons for the high or low value.



A full installation and qualification (IQ/OQ) package is available for all DS-11 Series models.


Although the DeNovix DS-11 Series’s propriety SmartPath™ technology enables accurate pathlength control and eliminates the need for routine recalibration, labs may choose to run the Diagnostics app to verify that the instrument is working within specifications. The Self Test option within the app is designed to easily verify the correct operation of the flash lamp and detector.

Other Apps

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Ready

EasyApps Secure provides an optional suite of software controls that allow regulated GxP facilities to easily add DS-11 Series instruments to their compliant workflows (view the compliance statement). The software is fully integrated within the onboard operating system and includes a range of features essential to ensuring compliance, including:

  • Password protected system access
  • Integrated electronic signature controls
  • Comprehensive user account management
  • Secure audit trail recording
  • Advanced data handling and export tools
21CFR compliance ready


Assays & Accessories

DeNovix Fluorescence Quantification Assays includes four offerings designed for accuracy and linearity.

  • dsDNA Broad Range (BR) Assay: 0.1 – 4000 ng/µL
  • dsDNA High Sensitivity (HS) Assay: 0.005 – 250 ng/µL
  • dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity (UHS) Assay: 0.0005 – 0.3 ng/µL
  • RNA Assay: 0.25 – 1500 ng/µL
DeNovix Fluorescence Quantification Assays

FX Module: Upgrade to Fluorescence

Instantly add the power of fluorescence detection to any DeNovix DS-11, DS-11+ or DS-C Spectrophotometer.

  • Same sensitivity and 4-channel flexibility as the DS-11 FX+, DS-11 FX and QFX
  • Connect USB to immediately enable DeNovix fluorometric EasyApps
  • Compatible with commercially available assays, including those designed for Thermo Fisher’s Qubit™ fluorometer and Promega’s Quantus™ fluorometer platforms
DS-11 and FX Module


The DS-11 Series has a 4.8 / 5 star rating on SelectScience with hundreds of independent customer reviews.

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