DeNovix Products

DeNovix Products

Our award-winning products lead the way in solving the problems of today’s laboratories, improving efficiency, accuracy and sustainability of laboratory workflows. These powerful instruments integrate patented DeNovix technology with easy-to-use software designed by life scientists for life scientists.

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DirectPipette™ Technology eliminates the need for slides and eliminates plastic waste from cell counting workflows. Offered in Dual Fluorescence plus Brightfield or Brightfield only models.

Combined 1 uL UV-Vis and Fluorescence quantification in one compact bench-top instrument. Multiple models with ability to select the measurement modes desired.

The DS-7 Spectrophotometer delivers full spectrum 1 µL and cuvette UV-Vis analysis at a budget-friendly price.

The DS-8X Eight Channel Spectrophotometer delivers full spectrum UV-Vis analysis. Stand-alone, rapid quantification for high throughput.

Compact cuvette spectrophotometer for nucleic acid quantification, OD 600 and kinetics applications. Full UV-Vis wavelength range of 190-840 nm.

Affordable, rapid, four-channel fluorescence quantification for DNA, RNA, Protein and other biomoleculers.


Cell counting and viability assays optimized for use on DeNovix CellDrop Automated Cell Counters. AO/PI, Yeast, Trypan Blue and more.

Highly sensitive and selective fluorescence quantification assays dsDNA and RNA. Simple mix-and-measure, two-point standard assays for DeNovix instruments or other reader formats.