Software Updates via USB

Download the appropriate packages to the root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB thumb drive. Do not unzip the files.

For DS-11 Series instruments with early versions of the Updater app (blue Updater icon), download both the Automated Updater ( and the latest software version ( packages.

For instruments with the Automatic Updater app already installed (yellow Updater icon), download the latest software version update package only. Install ALL updates once you begin the update process.

Click here for more information.


Download Automated Updater file

Download V3.51 Software for DS-11, DS-11 FX and DS-C Instruments file

Download V3.51 Software for QFX Instruments file

If you experience a problem updating contact DeNovix or your distributor for assistance.


User Guide

View the latest version of the DS-11 Series User Guide, QFX User Guide or DS-C User Guide.


Software Version Information

V3.51 (14-May-2020)
• Minor bug fix

V3.50 (08-Apr-2020)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.40 (30-Sept-2019)
• DeNovix RNA Assay added to Fluoro RNA app
• Minor bug fix

V3.37 (18-Jun-2019)
• Minor bug fix
• No changes for QFX

V3.35 (13-Nov-2018)
• Minor bug fix  to OD600 app
• No changes for QFX

V3.34 (2-Nov-2018)
• Minor bug fix

V3.33 (31-Oct-2018)
• Minor improvements

V3.30 (24-Aug-2018)
• Bug fix for absorbance apps
• No changes for QFX

V3.29 (2-July-2018)
• Fluoro app bug fix

V3.28 (20-June-2018)
• Minor bug fixes
• No changes for QFX

V3.26 (06-Apr-2018)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.25 (28-Mar-2018)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.24 (19-Feb-2018)
• Bug fix for software download and install from website. USB unaffected.

V3.21 (02-Feb-2018)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.20 (08-Jan-2018)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.19 (22-Dec-2017)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.18 (03-Nov-2017)
• Minor bug fix to arm home sequence
• No changes for QFX

V3.17 (26-Sep-2017)
• Minor bug fix

V3.16 (14-Sep-2017)
• Improvements to extended Kinetics runs
• Other minor bug fixes

V3.15 (25-Jul-2017)
• Minor bug fix

V3.14 (10-Jul-2017)
• Minor lamp reset improvement
• No changes for QFX

V3.13 (30-Jun-2017)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.12 (21-Apr-2017)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.11 (17-Apr-2017)
• Network Printing – new printers added
• Minor bug fixes

V3.10 (02-Mar-2017)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.09 (30-Jan-2017)
• DS-C Cuvette Spectrophotometer Commercial Release
• Minor bug fixes

V3.08 (20-Dec-2016)
• Microvolume blank duration reduced
• SmartPath update to unidirectional sequence
• Cuvette IQ/OQ added to Formula Methods app

V3.07 (12-Oct-2016)
• USB eject feature added

V3.06 (12-Oct-2016)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.05 (20-Sept-2016)
• Soft shutdown feature added
• Updater App improvements
• Minor bug fixes

V3.03 (22-June-2016)
•Bug fixed that caused small percentage of updates to fail

V3.02 (20-June-2016)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.01 (16-June-2016)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.00 (27-May-2016)
• Best in Class Lower Detection Limits (0.75 ng/uL dsDNA & 0.04 mg/mL BSA)
• SmartQCTM Sample Guidance Software
• Updates to GUI for Home Screen and Apps
• Fluorometer Diagnostics App
• Dymo 450 Label Printer Support
• QFX Fluorometers use QFX specific update package
• Automated Firmware Installation
• Korean Language
• Bug fixes

V2.10 (09-Nov-2015)
• Fast Mode (2 second measurements)
• Higher absorbance measurements enabled (up to 750 abs)
• Sample surface contamination user alert
• Updater installs only all files
• Minor bug fixes

V2.03 (29-Sept-2015)
• Minor bug fixes

V2.01 (04-Sept-2015)
• UV channel added
• Minor bug fixes

V2.00 (26-June-2015)
• Commercial release of fluorometer mode apps

V1.71 (04-Apr-2015)
• Minor bug fixes and foreign language updates

V1.70 (04-Feb-2015)
• Network Printing
• Label printer formats added for paper roll & cryo-tag tube labels
• Flexible export formatting
• User selectable report units
• Czech, Hungarian, Italian and Ukrainian languages added

V1.60 (29-Aug-2014)
• Network drive export capabilities via SMB or FTP
• Backup & Restore via Settings app
• Chinese Language added

V1.51 (8-Aug-2014)
• Bug fix

V1.50B (28-Jul-2014)
• Internal communication and firmware update

V1.50 (19-Jun-2014)
• Peptide app released
• Added Japanese and Polish languages

V1.37C (09-May-2014)
• Minor bug fix for Data app

V1.37B (21-Apr-2014)
• New version of Updater app which automates software updates

V1.37 (28-Mar-2014)
• Added Spanish language
• System performance optimization

V1.36 (25-Feb-2014)
• Fixed issue that could cause Data app to crash when data archive is attempted

V1.35 (14-Feb-2014)
• Added data archive feature
• Added Portuguese and Russian languages
• Added UV-Vis wavelength cursor selection

V1.32 (25-Nov-2013)
• Minor bug fix to Diagnostics app

V1.31 (14-Nov-2013)
• Added run screen drop-down for mode selection in measurement apps

V1.30 (2-Oct-2013)
• Initial DS-11+ commercial software including cuvette mode and Kinetics App
• Address book for email addresses included in Accounts App

V1.21 (29-Aug-2013)
• Added capability for data inputs and .csv export for number formats that use a decimal comma instead of a decimal point
• Fixed target absorbance range input criteria for LCNA in Diagnostics App

V1.20 (22-Aug-2013)
• Initial commercial software