CellDrop Savings Calculator

How Much Plastic Waste Could your Lab Save with CellDrop?

Use the slider to select the average number of samples counted per week, then see how much plastic waste and money your lab would save by counting cells without slides!

Count Cells Without Slides

Improving your lab’s sustainability and optimizing your cell counting workflow starts here. Try out the CellDrop for yourself!

Million of Slides Saved

The CellDrop’s patented design improves efficiency and sustainability in cell counting equipment by removing the need for plastic slides. Scientists around the world have prevented millions of plastic slides from being disposed of by counting cells without slides. Watch the video below to see how much plastic waste has been reduced!

Why Do Scientists Choose CellDrop?

Automated cell counts & viability

Eliminate slide costs & plastic waste

Widest dynamic range + variable chamber height

Powerful data reporting and connectivity

Multi-award winning & highly reviewed

Optimize Your Cell Counting Workflow

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