DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometers Compared with the NanoDrop™ One

The DS-11 Series of Spectrophotometer/Fluorometers from DeNovix and the NanoDrop™ One Spectrophotometer are both used to perform fast quantification of nucleic acids and proteins. The spectrophotometer/fluorometer range from DeNovix provides superior limits of detection, the widest dynamic range, an easy-to-use interface and powerful networking features, which surpass the capabilities of the NanoDrop™ Spectrophotometer. Here we will here we will outline the difference between the DeNovix DS-11 FX Spectrophotometer/Fluorometers and the NanoDrop™ One Spectrophotometer.


Developed by the Creators of Microvolume UV-Vis


One of the founders, and core team members involved with NanoDrop Technologies Inc. is also a founding member of DeNovix. The DS-11 was first introduced to the market in 2013, and it was the first UV-Vis spectrophotometer in the world with a customized operating system, touchscreen control and be network-connected.

Over the years, DeNovix has expanded the instrument’s features and functionality by collaborating with the Life Science community. The DS-11 Series was created in 2015, when a fluorometer with high sensitivity was integrated into the system. The DS-11 FX+ is patented (US9442009) and offers outstanding limits of detection for fluorescence quantification (0.5 pg/μL dsDNA) and microvolume absorbance (0.75 – 37,500 ng/μL dsDNA).

In just one unit, labs can choose the integrated model that fits both current and future research needs with the combination of fluorescence detection, microvolume UV-Vis and cuvette UV-Vis. All DS-11 Series instruments come with a two-year factory warranty from DeNovix.

Table 1: DS-11 Series Comparison to NanoDrop™ One

 DeNovix DS-11 SeriesNanoDrop™ Onec
Fluorescence OptionYes - DS-11 FX and DS-11 FX+ (UV,Blue,Red,Green)None
Dynamic Range (dsDNA)0.5 pg/μL* - 37500 ng/μL0.2 ng/μL - 27500 ng/μL
Protein PerformanceOutstandingOnly if sample column is properly formed
Microvolume Lower Detection LimitdsDNA: 0.75 ng/μL, BSA: 0.04 mg/mLdsDNA: 2.0 ng/μL, BSA: 0.06 mg/mL
Cuvette Lower Detection LimitdsDNA: 0.04 ng/μL, BSA: 0.002 mg/mLdsDNA: 0.2 ng/μL, BSA: 0.006 mg/mL
Max ConcentrationdsDNA: 37500 ng/μL, BSA: 1125 mg/mLdsDNA: 27500 ng/μL, BSA: 820 mg/mL
Wavelength Range190-840 nm190-850 nm
Absorbance Range0.015 - 750 A0.04 - 550 A
Wavelength Accuracy (Absorbance)0.5 nm1 nm
Absorbance Accuracy1.5% at 0.75 AU at 260nm3% at 0.97 AU at 302nm
Microvolume Pathlength0.5 to 0.02 mm1.0 to 0.03 mm
Pathlength VerificationSmartPath® Technology with BridgeTesting®Auto adjusting
Pathlength ControlPrecision screw driven by high resolution motorAdjustment screw driven by stepper motor
Contamination Alert SoftwareSmartQC™ Sample GuidanceYes
Data ExportNetwork Drives and Printers, Email, USB, Label PrintersUSB, Label Printer, Networks
NetworkingWi-Fi and EthernetWi-Fi not available in all areas, Ethernet
Color ChoicesArctic White, Brazilian Blue, Tungsten Silver, Fire RedNo
ErgonomicsOptimized screen and sample pedestal locationExtended reach required
* Using DeNovix dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity Assay

See the full comparison of the DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer/Fluorometers vs the NanoDrop™ One read the full technical note here.

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