DS-11 Series EasyApps® Software

DeNovix Spectrophotometers and Fluorometers are compact, stand-alone instruments with intuitive, EasyApps® for quantifying DNA, RNA and Protein.

Pre-configured apps ensure that workflows are optimized while simple-to-use Custom Method apps enable researchers to quickly create and save methods. EasyApps® software also provides a multitude of choices for reviewing and exporting results.


Application Highlights


Key Features

  •   Intuitive app icons for quick recognition
  •   Familiar Android navigation touch gestures and functional icons
  •   Fluid pinch and zoom controls with a glove-compatible touch interface
  •   AutoRun option for streamlined operation
  •   Optimized screens for reports and graph overlays
  •   Password protected accounts for project and data management
  •   Absorbance represented as 1 cm equivalent for all apps – no confusion between applications
  •   Sample name field is key-focused for easy barcode reader use
  •   All data is automatically archived and easily exported in tab-delimited format

Nucleic Acids - Absorbance

dsdna icon rna icon ssdna icon microarray icon
dsDNA RNA ssDNA Microarray

Key Features

  •   Separate preconfigured apps for optimized workflow
  •   Preconfigured and user defined factors for ssDNA ensures appropriate concentration calculations
  •   260/280 and 260/230 ratios displayed
  •   11 Preconfigured dyes and fluorophores for Microarray
  •   Option to add an unlimited number of new dyes for quick recall in Microarray



Protein - Absorbance



a280 icon peptide icon labeled protein icon colorimetrics icon
A280 Peptide 205/215 Labeled Proteins Colorimetrics

Key Features

  •   Preconfigured and user defined protein types for A280 and Labeled Proteins
  •   Preconfigured Peptide app for easy peptide analysis at A205/215
  •   Quick addition of new user defined protein types for improved workflow
  •   Ultra short pathlength enables high absorbance capability: up to 750 mg/mL BSA
  •   11 Preconfigured dyes and fluorophores for Labeled Proteins
  •   Option to add an unlimited number of new dyes for quick recall in Labeled Proteins
  •   BCA, Bradford, Lowry and 660 nm colorimetric assays optimized for ease of use
  •   Quick save and recall of standard curves available


UV-Vis & Custom User Methods - Absorbance

uv vis icon stdcurve_methods-2 formulamethods
UV-Vis Standard Curve Methods Formula Methods

Key Features:

  •   Simple but powerful apps enable measurement of more than just nucleic acids and proteins
  •   Full spectrum analysis (190 – 840 nm)
  •   Broad absorbance range for highly concentrated samples (up to 750 A, 1 cm equivalent)
  •   Add new user-defined standard curve methods
  •   Add custom formulas to eliminate downstream calculations
  •   Add kinetics methods (DS-11+/DS-11FX+ models)

Fluorometer Apps

fx dsdna icon fx rna icon  fx ssdna icon fx protein icon
Fluoro dsDNA Fluoro RNA Fluoro ssDNA Fluoro Protein

Key Features:

  •   Preconfigured commonly used Qubit®, Quant-itTM and Qunatifluor® assays
  •   Easy configuration of additional assays
  •   Single or multi-replicate standard curve options
  •   User control of  line fit, trend line analysis, subtraction of blank
  •   User control of assay and reported sample concentration units
  •   Save and re-use curves and lists of standard concentrations



 od 600 icon  
Fluoro Custom Methods Basic Fluorometer

Key Features:

  •   Add new standard curve based fluorescent assays (nucleic assay, protein or other)
  •   Basic Fluorometer app returns RFU values for many preconfigured and user-defined dyes/fluorophores

Kinetics & OD 600

 Kinetics icon  od 600 icon
Kinetics OD 600

Key Features:

  •   DS-11+ model enables cuvette based kinetics studies
  •   Full spectrum analysis (190 – 840 nm), with dual or single wavelength monitoring
  •   Built-in heater with temperature control between 37° and 45° C.
  •   Dual graphs enable absorbance vs time or absorbance vs. wavelength plots
  •   All kinetic data saved
  •   Estimated cell number calculator included in OD 600 app

Accounts & Data

 accounts icon  data icon
Accounts Data

Key Features

  •   Password protected accounts available
  •   All data automatically saved & searchable by account, sample name & type, application and date
  •   Configurable reports easily accommodate LIMS and user preferred formats
  •   Print microfuge tube labels using a DeNovix supported printer
  •   Print reports to a networked printer or DeNovix supported label printer
  •   Export full data sets via email;  save to a network folder or USB thumb drive.

Data Analysis and Review

EasyApps® software automatically analyzes and saves all measurement results to the onboard instrument computer. Measurement apps as well as the Data app use a three page structure to maximize the information provided while maintaining an intuitive, uncluttered interface.


Absorbance data is analyzed and app specific relevant data such as calculated concentrations and purity ratios are displayed on the Run screen. A running list of sample results are presented on the Results screen. Sample spectra are displayed on the Graph screen. Up to 24 spectra may be overlaid on the graph for quick sample comparisons.
Data of interest can be emailed, sent to a network folder or saved to a FAT32 formatted USB thumb drives. The export format is a .csv file that may be opened with common spreadsheet programs such as Excel for user-specific additional analysis. The files include the relevant data presented on the Report screen as well as all absorbance values per wavelength across the measured wavelength range. Click here for more information.
Data App

The software also includes an intuitive Data app that enables the user to review and export results from multiple measurement sessions at their convenience. This capability makes it easy to compare samples measured on different days.








The app includes both Quick and Advanced Search options to make it easy to find your data. Simply filter by account and parameters of interest, tap “Search” and get your results. Click here to learn more about the capabilities of the Data app.