DeNovix Collaborates with Bay Area “hackerspace” BioCurious


DeNovix supplies life science research instrumentation to Bay Area biotech “hackerspace” BioCurious.


WILMINGTON, DE November 4, 2014 – DeNovix Inc. has donated instrumentation to BioCurious, a unique collaboration lab based in the San Francisco Bay area. DeNovix has supplied the company’s flagship product, the DS-11 Spectrophotometer, to the facility for use by life science research teams at BioCurious. DeNovix strongly supports the BioCurious belief that “innovations in biology should be accessible, affordable and open to everyone”. The facility is a community biology lab for use by entrepreneurs, amateurs and professional scientists interested in conducting biotech research.

The DeNovix DS-11 is used in genomic and proteomic research laboratories for quantification of nucleic acid and protein samples. The instrument is a necessity in nearly any bioresearch workflow. The DeNovix instrument is intuitive and geared toward today’s tech-savvy researcher. The system utilizes a custom Android™ operating system eliminating the need for a PC and saving critical bench space. The system features a glove compatible, 7” HD touch screen and all measurements are made using intuitive EasyApps® designed by DeNovix for the most common life science applications.

“The placement at BioCurious is a real win-win arrangement,” stated Fred Kielhorn, Managing Director of DeNovix Inc. “Who knows what ideas can develop from a facility when the barriers for interactivity amongst bright, creative and driven science-minded researchers are eliminated. We hope our instrument can be a small part of a really big idea that gets its start at BioCurious.”

“At BioCurious, we’re proving that breakthroughs in biotech come from amateurs and professionals alike. It’s essential that we use new tools to automate and accelerate otherwise complicated techniques” said Tito Jankowski, co-founder of BioCurious, “Being able to quantify a DNA sample in seconds using the DeNovix DS-11 gives us major insights into experimental progress. It’s an essential part of our lab’s toolkit.”

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About DeNovix Inc.

DeNovix Inc., founded in 2012, is a Wilmington, DE, USA based instrumentation company that develops, manufactures and sells laboratory equipment to meet the demands of today’s evolving life science research. DeNovix focuses on providing innovative products and outstanding customer support. The company’s first product, the DS-11 Spectrophotometer, is the first stand-alone microvolume spectrophotometer that is controlled by a built-in Android™ operating system. The instrument, used for quantification of nucleic acids and proteins, features an easy to use brilliant touch screen interface, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, four-second measurement time; four color choices and two model choices. For more information please visit:

About BioCurious

BioCurious is the world’s first hackerspace for biotechnology, at the heart of Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, California. We believe that innovations in biology should be accessible, affordable, and open to everyone. We built a community biology lab for amateurs, inventors, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to experiment with friends. This new model for innovation has already sparked projects like a 3D bio-printer with living cells, genetically engineered yeast to make vegan cheese, and a glow-in-the-dark plant that anyone can grow from seeds. Learn more about BioCurious at



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