DeNovix CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counter Wins Best New Life Science Product Award

DeNovix CellDrop Automated Cell Counter has been voted for by scientists around the globe as the Best New Life Science Product, at the 2020 Scientists’ Choice Awards.

WILMINGTON, DEMay 13th, 2020 – DeNovix Inc, a developer and manufacturer of instrumentation and assays for the life sciences has been awarded the prestigious Best New Life Science Product of the Year Award for the CellDrop Automated Cell Counter which enables scientists to Count Cells Without Slides™.

The Scientists’ Choice Awards recognize the innovations which have had the greatest impact on global scientific advancement – as nominated by scientists around the world. With a drive towards sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of the laboratory, the DeNovix CellDrop Cell Counter, with its unique DirectPipette™ Technology, incorporates a novel sample loading method that eliminates the need for disposable plastic slides typically required for routine cell counting.

The CellDrop features both dual fluorescence and brightfield optics and a variable height chamber, enabling accurate measurement across a wide range of cell types, densities and sizes. Additionally, its easy-to-use software and 7″ touchscreen interface and network integration, enable users to capture, review and export data easily and securely.

“Since introducing CellDrop to the market in April 2019 the reviews and feedback from scientists around the world has been excellent and we are delighted it has been recognized with this prestigious award” said Fred Kielhorn, CEO of DeNovix. “Researchers are actively seeking out ways to improve the environmental footprint of their labs and CellDrop enables this while decreasing consumable costs and bringing new functionality”.

“These awards are truly unique within the science industry — the only independent awards where scientists nominate and vote for the winners. We were delighted to announce the DeNovix CellDrop Cell Counters as the Best New Life Sciences Product of 2019 during our very first virtual Scientists’ Choice Awards” said Kerry Parker, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher at SelectScience.  “This online event was attended by more manufacturers and scientists than ever, so we were thrilled to be able to bring the community together to share important successes to a global audience”.

About CellDrop Cell Counters

The CellDrop Series is a line of image-based, automated cell counters. Systems include a high definition 7 inch touchscreen for live preview and instant review of results. Pre-installed EasyApps® software includes applications for AO/PI, Brightfield, Trypan Blue and GFP and user customized methods. The software delivers rapid cell counts, viability reports and transfection efficiency assays. All instruments feature Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connectivity, allowing users to easily export data via email, network drives, network printers or USB drive. CellDrop cell counters are available in dual fluorescence and brightfield or brightfield only models.

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CellDrop Automated Cell Counters: New Life Science Product of the Year
CellDrop Automated Cell Counters: Voted New Life Science Product of the Year at the Scientists’ Choice Awards 2020