Software Updates

Software updates may be easily installed using the Updater App. Connect the device to the internet via WiFi or ethernet from the Settings app. Open the Updater app to see if an update is available.

If an internet connection is not available, update via USB. Download an update file to the root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB thumb drive. Do not unzip the file. To determine the correct software package to download please see the two Operating System (OS) options below.

If you experience a problem updating contact DeNovix or your distributor for assistance.

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Download Options

Linux OS USB Updates

Instruments with a front USB port and a platinum colored DeNovix logo (serial number S-06539 or later) require the Linux OS update package.

USB Download »  V5.1.1 Linux Software for DS-11 Series, QFX and DS-C Instruments

Open the Updater app to install a new version of application and Updater software from the USB drive.

Android™ OS USB Updates

Download the update package to the root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB thumb drive. Do not unzip the file. Install ALL updates once you begin the update process.  Click here for more information.

Download V3.51 Software for DS-11, DS-11 FX and DS-C Instruments file

Download V3.51 Software for QFX Instruments file

User Guides

Linux OS

View the latest version of the DS-11 Series User Guide, QFX User Guide or DS-C User Guide.

Android OS

View Android OS versions of the DS-11 Series User Guide, QFX User Guide or DS-C User Guide.

Software Release Notes

Linux OS

Note: Allow 8-10 minutes for updates that include an OS update. A long pause occurs during process. Do not power down during update.  When updating to 5.1.x for the first time, users will run a one time lamp reset procedure. This is expected and is not a bug.

V5.1.1  with OS 1.4.0 (19 -Apr-2024) 

  • DS-7/DS-7+ commercial release
  • Fluorometer apps improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Added Qubit 1X dsDNA BR, Qubit 1x dsDNA HS and Qubit BR Protein assays
  • WiFi connection improvements for mesh networks
  • WiFi 2.5/5 GHz SSID filtering
  • Kinetics app improvements for very long runs
  • Updater app improvements for network detection
  • Email ports settings can be 3 or 4 digits
  • Ethernet unplug with wifi on caused system lag

V5.0.4  (30 -Nov-2023)

  • Added network folder Mount Point to allow passing of subfolder paths
  • Kinetics app bugs
  • Ethernet unplug with wifi on caused system lag

V5.0.3 and OS 1.3.8 (6-Oct-2023) 

  • Improved WiFi connection interface and underlying codebase
  • Captive portal connections enabled
  • Eduroam connectivity
  • Static IP address function improvement
  • 21 CFR Users
    • audit trail can be exported as pdf
    • additional information about sample and curves added to pdf reports
  • Bug fixes

V5.0.1 and OS 1.3.6 (9-Jun-2023) 

  • Improved app launch speed and Data app records management performance, especially for instruments with very large number of records
  • Improved USB drive mounting
  • Improved User Guides with table of contents links
  • Support for Dymo 550 and 5XL label printers
  • Support for new Citizen CL-E303 label printer option
  • Screen brightness control for new generation of screens
  • Audio enabled for instruments shipped with 5.0.1 or later
  • Ethernet – manual settings now allow input of DNS server
  • Email – port settings can be 3 or 4 digits
  • Email – improved TLS support
  • Translation updates for multiple languages
  • Bug fixes

V4.2.9 and OS 1.3.0 (4-Nov-2022) 

  • 21 CFR – Settings app Administrator permission to hide Discard button
  • Temporarily remove User Guide app due pdf viewer bug memory leak
  • Settings App – User can select WiFi Country for S-06539 or higher
  • Linux kernel update
  • Network printer configuration persists on future OS updates
  • Wi-Fi configurations persist on future OS updates
  • Processor firmware updates
  • Minor bug fixes for Custom Methods and Data apps

V4.2.8 (29-Jun-2022) – OS 1.1.0
• Bug fix to correct cuvette temperature display issue

V4.2.7 (17-Jun-2022) – OS 1.1.0
• Important improvements to initialization routine. Changes include a firmware update and improved user guidance dialogs
• Improved performance for instruments with a large numbers of results in storage
• Bug fix for fluorometer wizard UV read and unit conversion for some fluoro apps

V4.2.6 (16-Feb-2022) – OS 1.1.0
• Improvement to eliminate “arm not raised” message that may appear for some users

V4.2.5 (14-Feb-2022) – OS 1.1.0
• System boot and shutdown processes improved to protect SD card

V4.2.4 (17-Dec-2021) – OS 1.1.0 Update
• Updater app improvements
• Initialization routine updates
• Sound removed from device

V4.2.2 (22-Nov-2021) – OS Update
• Fix for possible display interference on some instruments

V4.2.1 (19-Nov-2021) – OS 1.0.2
• Linux OS 1.0.2 – GPU firmware update fixes rare boot freeze showing multicolor screen
• Initialization improvements
• Improve ‘arm raised’ detection and messaging

V4.2.0 (28-Oct-2021) – OS 1.0.1

• OS Update for improved WiFi for 5GHz and 2.4 GHz connections
• Improved user inputs screens for passwords and accounts
• Boot up sound enabled
• Improved 5GHz and 2.4 GHz WiFi connection
• Bug fix to Data app for Dymo printing and Formula Methods report headers
• Colorimetrics app minor bug fix

V4.1.9 (18-Oct-2021)
• Important firmware update release

V4.1.8 (30-July-2021)
• Initialization improvements
• Minor improvements and bug fixes

V4.1.7 (20-July-2021)
• Fluorometer bug fixes for FL Proteins and LED selector in some languages

V4.1.6 (24-June-2021)
• Fluorometer app dilution calculation bug fix

V4.1.5 (6-June-2021)
• Minor bug fix – Custom Formula Methods app

V4.1.4 (18-May-2021)
• Bug fix – Diagnostics App Self-Test Graph

V4.1.3 (14-May-2021)
• Wi-Fi improvements
• Minor bug fixes to apps:
Diagnostics Verification
Formula Methods
Kinetics reports and graphs
• User Guides

V4.1.2 (6-May-2021)
• Diagnostics app bug fix

V4.1.1 (26-Apr-2021)
• Initialization process improvement

V4.1.0 (16-Apr-2021)
• 21 CFR Compliance Ready Software
• Updated User Guide for 21 CFR Software
• Setting app WiFi manager improvements
• Additional Dymo printer functionality
• Updates to Chinese, Czech, Korean, Polish and Portuguese translations
• Improved network folder input fields/keyboard
• Minor bug fixes

V4.0.7 (26-Mar-2021)
• Timer App Added
• Photometer App Minor bug fixes
• Additional Dymo label printer functions added

V4.0.5 (19-Mar-2021)
• Kinetics app added for cuvette models
• Dymo printer functions added
• Minor bug fixes

V4.0.4 (09-Mar-2021)
• Hot fix for QFX power switch controller. No measurement apps affected.

V4.0.3 (08-Mar-2021)
• Diagnostics app verification bug addressed
• Oligo calculator
• Minor bug fixes

V4.0.2 (26-Feb-2021)
• Linux operating software and measurement applications initial commercial release

Android OS

V3.51 (14-May-2020)
• Minor bug fix

V3.50 (08-Apr-2020)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.40 (30-Sept-2019)
• DeNovix RNA Assay added to Fluoro RNA app
• Minor bug fix

V3.37 (18-Jun-2019)
• Minor bug fix
• No changes for QFX

V3.35 (13-Nov-2018)
• Minor bug fix  to OD600 app
• No changes for QFX

V3.34 (2-Nov-2018)
• Minor bug fix

V3.33 (31-Oct-2018)
• Minor improvements

V3.30 (24-Aug-2018)
• Bug fix for absorbance apps
• No changes for QFX

V3.29 (2-July-2018)
• Fluoro app bug fix

V3.28 (20-June-2018)
• Minor bug fixes
• No changes for QFX

V3.26 (06-Apr-2018)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.25 (28-Mar-2018)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.24 (19-Feb-2018)
• Bug fix for software download and install from website. USB unaffected.

V3.21 (02-Feb-2018)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.20 (08-Jan-2018)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.19 (22-Dec-2017)
• Minor improvements
• No changes for QFX

V3.18 (03-Nov-2017)
• Minor bug fix to arm home sequence
• No changes for QFX

V3.17 (26-Sep-2017)
• Minor bug fix

V3.16 (14-Sep-2017)
• Improvements to extended Kinetics runs
• Other minor bug fixes

V3.15 (25-Jul-2017)
• Minor bug fix

V3.14 (10-Jul-2017)
• Minor lamp reset improvement
• No changes for QFX

V3.13 (30-Jun-2017)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.12 (21-Apr-2017)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.11 (17-Apr-2017)
• Network Printing – new printers added
• Minor bug fixes

V3.10 (02-Mar-2017)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.09 (30-Jan-2017)
• DS-C Cuvette Spectrophotometer Commercial Release
• Minor bug fixes

V3.08 (20-Dec-2016)
• Microvolume blank duration reduced
• SmartPath update to unidirectional sequence
• Cuvette IQ/OQ added to Formula Methods app

V3.07 (12-Oct-2016)
• USB eject feature added

V3.06 (12-Oct-2016)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.05 (20-Sept-2016)
• Soft shutdown feature added
• Updater App improvements
• Minor bug fixes

V3.03 (22-June-2016)
•Bug fixed that caused small percentage of updates to fail

V3.02 (20-June-2016)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.01 (16-June-2016)
• Minor bug fixes

V3.00 (27-May-2016)
• Best in Class Lower Detection Limits (0.75 ng/uL dsDNA & 0.04 mg/mL BSA)
• SmartQCTM Sample Guidance Software
• Updates to GUI for Home Screen and Apps
• Fluorometer Diagnostics App
• Dymo 450 Label Printer Support
• QFX Fluorometers use QFX specific update package
• Automated Firmware Installation
• Korean Language
• Bug fixes

V2.10 (09-Nov-2015)
• Fast Mode (2 second measurements)
• Higher absorbance measurements enabled (up to 750 abs)
• Sample surface contamination user alert
• Updater installs only all files
• Minor bug fixes

V2.03 (29-Sept-2015)
• Minor bug fixes

V2.01 (04-Sept-2015)
• UV channel added
• Minor bug fixes

V2.00 (26-June-2015)
• Commercial release of fluorometer mode apps

V1.71 (04-Apr-2015)
• Minor bug fixes and foreign language updates

V1.70 (04-Feb-2015)
• Network Printing
• Label printer formats added for paper roll & cryo-tag tube labels
• Flexible export formatting
• User selectable report units
• Czech, Hungarian, Italian and Ukrainian languages added

V1.60 (29-Aug-2014)
• Network drive export capabilities via SMB or FTP
• Backup & Restore via Settings app
• Chinese Language added

V1.51 (8-Aug-2014)
• Bug fix

V1.50B (28-Jul-2014)
• Internal communication and firmware update

V1.50 (19-Jun-2014)
• Peptide app released
• Added Japanese and Polish languages

V1.37C (09-May-2014)
• Minor bug fix for Data app

V1.37B (21-Apr-2014)
• New version of Updater app which automates software updates

V1.37 (28-Mar-2014)
• Added Spanish language
• System performance optimization

V1.36 (25-Feb-2014)
• Fixed issue that could cause Data app to crash when data archive is attempted

V1.35 (14-Feb-2014)
• Added data archive feature
• Added Portuguese and Russian languages
• Added UV-Vis wavelength cursor selection

V1.32 (25-Nov-2013)
• Minor bug fix to Diagnostics app

V1.31 (14-Nov-2013)
• Added run screen drop-down for mode selection in measurement apps

V1.30 (2-Oct-2013)
• Initial DS-11+ commercial software including cuvette mode and Kinetics App
• Address book for email addresses included in Accounts App

V1.21 (29-Aug-2013)
• Added capability for data inputs and .csv export for number formats that use a decimal comma instead of a decimal point
• Fixed target absorbance range input criteria for LCNA in Diagnostics App

V1.20 (22-Aug-2013)
• Initial commercial software