Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year

CellDrop Automated Cell Counter is the Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year
Count Cells Without Slides

Thanks to your support, the CellDrop™ has been awarded Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year in the SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Awards®!

CellDrop’s patented DirectPipette™ technology distinguishes it as the only cell counter to eliminate the need for cell counting slides. This innovation has saved millions of slides from use and disposal.

Reducing Plastic Waste in Cell Counting

The CellDrop Automated Cell Counter offers an innovative solution for reducing single-use plastics in laboratories. While most cell counting methods require a disposable plastic slide, the CellDrop’s unique design allows samples to be pipetted directly into a permanent sample chamber.

Eliminating Single-Use Plastic Slides

The CellDrop improves efficiency and sustainability in cell counting by removing the need for plastic slides. Scientists around the world have prevented millions of plastic slides from being disposed of by counting cells without slides.

DirectPipette Technology: Load, Count, Wipe

1. Load Sample

Load cell suspension into sample chamber. Sample can be loaded from either side of the arm.

Load CellDrop
2. Count & Analyze

Press the Count button, and let the CellDrop do the work! The count data will appear in 3 – 8 seconds.

Press Count
3. Wipe Clean

After wiping the measurement surfaces with a dry lab wipe, the CellDrop is ready for the next sample.

CellDrop Sample Chamber - A look inside
Inside the Permanent Sample Chamber

Instead of using a plastic slide, cell suspension is loaded directly into the sample chamber.

  • Two parallel surfaces made of optical grade sapphire
  • Sample is held in place by surface tension
  • Variable height: 7 x 102 – 2.5 x 107 cells/mL
  • Easy to clean surfaces, no sample carryover!

Why Do Scientists Choose CellDrop?

Automated cell counts & viability

Eliminate slide costs & plastic waste

Widest dynamic range + variable chamber height

Powerful data reporting and connectivity

Multi-award winning & highly reviewed

Optimize Your Cell Counting Workflow

How will the CellDrop enhance your cell counting workflow and reach your lab’s sustainability goals? Click the buttons below to take the next step!