DeNovix Sustainability

DeNovix Sustainability

First ACT® Label Certified Automated Cell Counter

The DeNovix CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counter has achieved ACT® Label certification from My Green Lab®, making it the first automated cell counter accredited by the program. The ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label provides a third-party verification for the environmental impact of laboratory products.

ACT Label - Environmental Impact Factor, My Green Lab
Cell Counting Goes Green. Count Cells Without Slides on the CellDrop

Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year

The CellDrop Automated Cell Counter offers an innovative solution for reducing single-use plastics in laboratories. While most cell counting methods require a disposable plastic slide, the CellDrop’s unique design allows samples to be pipetted directly into a permanent sample chamber. CellDrop was voted Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year in the SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Awards®!

Count Cells Without Slides

Scientists around the world have prevented millions of plastic slides from being disposed of by counting cells without slides.

How Much Would Your Lab Save with CellDrop?

No slides = less plastic waste and less money spent on consumables.

Sustainable Decisions

Sustainable Packaging

Replaced 87% of plastic packaging with cardboard

Millions of Slides Saved

CellDrop removes need for plastic cell counting slides

DeNovix Green Team

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