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DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer

Rapid and accurate dsDNA, RNA, Protein quantification via Microvolume UV-Vis, Cuvette UV-Vis Absorbance with integrated Fluorescence.
Compare performance and price to the Thermo Fisher NanoDrop™ One spectrophotometer.

DS-11 FX+ Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer Instrument straight
  • Best in Class 1 uL Sensitivity and Highest Absorbance Capability
  • The Only All-in-One Microvolume and Cuvette Absorbance with Fluorescence Design
  • Multi-Year Product of the Year Winner based on Scientist Reviews
  • Compact, space-saving design with powerful network connectivity
  • 32 GB On-board memory stores millions of results
DS-11 Series - Microvolume (M), Cuvette (C), Fluorescence (F)
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CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counters

Count Cells Without Slides

CellDrop FL Instrument straight
  • DirectPipette™ Technology - Load, Count and Wipe Clean!
  • Eliminate Cost and Waste of Plastic Slides
  • Dual Fluorescence + Brightfield or Brightfield Only Models
  • Pre-installed EasyApps™ Software for Common Cell Counting Applications: Tissue Culture, Trypan Blue, Primary Cells, GFP
  • Powerful network connectivity and 120GB (minimum) Storage
  • 21 CFR Compliance Ready Software Option
Options: Fluorescence, Brightfield, Unlimited, Pay-as-You-Go
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QFX Fluorometer

For rapid, affordable fluorescence quantification of dsDNA, ssDNA RNA.

QFX Fluorometer Instrument straight
  • Four-channel fluorometer
  • Pre-installed EasyApps for dsDNA, RNA, Protein and custom methods
  • Compatible with DeNovix, Thermo Fisher Qubit™ assays and other fluorescence quantification assays
  • Powerful network connectivity
  • Free Assay Kit with purchase
QFX Fluorometer

DS-C Cuvette Spectrophotometer

Easy-to-Use UV-Vis instrument for dsDNA, RNA, OD600, Kinetics or your own custom methods.

DS-C Spectrophotometer Instrument straight
  • Intuitive, Compact and Powerful
  • Pre-installed EasyApps for dsDNA, RNA, OD600, Kinetics and more
  • Powerful network connectivity
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • 32 GB On-board memory stores millions of results
DS-C Cuvette Spectrophotometer

FX Fluorometer Module

USB accessory for adding four channel fluorescence to DS-11, DS-11+ or DS-C Spectrophotometers

DS-11 and FX Module
FX Fluorometer Module connected to DS-11 Spectrophotometer
  • USB "Plug and Play" Accessory for DS-11, DS-11+ and DS-C
  • Four excitation LED options (UV / Blue / Green / Red)
  • Enables Fluorometer EasyApp™ Software
  • Sensitive and Specific Quantification of dsDNA, RNA and other biomolecules
FX Fluorometer Module
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