At DeNovix Inc., we specialize in the development of convenient, high-precision instruments that meet the ever-changing demands of modern life sciences applications. We design, manufacture, and supply a sophisticated range of laboratory equipment based on years of hands-on experience with the best-in-class cell counters, fluorometers and spectrophotometers. This has empowered us to deliver award-winning equipment to laboratories around the world, including the market-leading Thermo Fisher NanoDrop™ spectrophotometer alternative.

The DeNovix DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer

The DS-11 Series includes industry-leading spectrophotometers engineered for microvolume analysis of nucleic acid and protein concentrations, using a proprietary sample retention technology. Our engineering, life science and software teams bring expertise acquired from developing and supporting microvolume spectrophotometers since their launch in the early 2000s.

Our flagship instrument is the DS-11 Series combined spectrophotometer/fluorometer; two-time winner of the Reviewers’ Choice Life Science Product of the Year award. It was engineered to pioneer greater functionality in UV-Vis spectrophotometry with expanded detection for microvolume absorbance. The result is the most sensitive single microlitre UV-Vis detection available with the best-in-class dynamic range. This makes it the preferred Thermo Fisher NanoDrop™ spectrophotometer alternative from a performance perspective.

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Thermo Fisher NanoDrop™ Spectrophotometer Alternative: DS-11 Specifications Overview

The industry-leading sensitivity and dynamic range of the DS-11 surpass all competitors, including the Thermo Fisher NanoDrop™ One spectrophotometer. The proprietary SmartPath™ technology invented by DeNovix and exclusive to the DS-11 Series determines the optimum pathlength for each sample with sub-micron accuracy. Real-time absorbance data is used to compress the sample from a maximum of 0.5mm down to a low of 0.02mm in as little as two seconds. Consequently, the DS-11 can measure more concentrated microvolume samples than any other spectrophotometer currently available. Detection values include:

  • 0.75 to 37500 ng/uL double-stranded DNA (dsDNA)
  • 0.60 to 30000 ng/uL RNA
  • 0.04 to 1125 mg/mL BSA

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Thermo Fisher NanoDrop™ Spectrophotometer Alternatives from DeNovix

If you would like to learn more about the principles or specifications of our DS-11 Series nanospectrophotometers, contact a member of the DeNovix team today.


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