CellDrop Plastic Waste Saved

14.5 Million

current slides saved count

+ 50,750 kg

(111,904 lbs) plastic waste saved


CellDrop Plastic Waste Saved

The CellDrop Automated Cell Counter counts cells without slides, which reduces plastic waste in science labs. But how many plastic slides has it actually saved, and how much plastic is that? Watch this video to find out!

Reduce plastic waste in your lab, eliminate disposable slide costs and automate cell counting in your lab with DeNovix CellDrop cell counters. Using DirectPipette™ Technology, CellDrop brings familiar load, measure and wipe clean ease-of-use to image-based cell counters. CellDrop is available in Dual Fluorescence and Brightfield (CellDrop FL) or Brightfield only models (CellDrop BF).

Automated cell counts & viability

Eliminate slide costs & plastic waste

Widest dynamic range + variable chamber height

Powerful data reporting and connectivity

Multi-award winning & highly reviewed