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Automated Counting of Isolated Nuclei

Isolating nuclei is critical for single nuclear workflows such as RNA-seq and ATAC-seq. Ensuring that nonclustered, debris-free samples are obtained is crucial to successful library preparation. Even when debris does not affect library preparation itself, it is important to count nuclei accurately for single-cell analysis.

The resources in this eBook will give you a detailed look at our recommended solution for the automated counting of isolated nuclei, the DeNovix CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counter. We’ll explore how the CellDrop’s DirectPipette™ technology, dedicated nuclei counting software applications, and fluorescence capabilities combine to provide accurate nuclei count data.

What You’ll Learn

  • Best practices for nuclei extraction and counting
  • Choosing between fluorescence (Acridine Orange and Propidium Iodide) and Trypan Blue methods for nuclei counting
  • How to QC nuclei samples prior to single-cell sequencing
  • How to automate cell and nuclei counting for next generation sequencing
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CellDrop™ Cell Counters

DirectPipette™ technology eliminates the need for slides and eliminates plastic waste from cell counting workflows. Available with Dual Fluorescence and / or Brightfield.

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