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The DS-11 FX Series

Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer

UV-Vis and Fluorescence!

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Always Accurate. Always Precise.

The SmartPath® to Confidence

Always Calibrated.

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Print cryotube labels

USB & Ethernet

DeNovix Inc. is an instrumentation company that designs, manufactures and sells laboratory equipment to meet the demands of today’s evolving life science technologies. Our focus is on providing innovative products and outstanding customer support. DeNovix is equipped with the financial, commercial and technical resources to deliver breakthrough products for your research success.

DeNovix introduces the DS-11 FX Series Spectrophotometer/Fluorometer which combines fluorescence analysis and 1uL UV-Vis in the same instrument. Our instruments are utilized in life science research labs throughout the world and are seen as a true evolution of spectrophotometry. DeNovix instruments are stand-alone systems controlled by a built-in Android™ operating system (no PC). Labs love the smart-phone-like operation, impressive performance and the flexible connectivity of the instrument. Learn more about DeNovix Instruments and how they can benefit your lab.