Fluorescence assays are critical in biochemical and life sciences applications using fluorometry for sample quantification. These comprise fluorophores that bind specifically to analytes of interest and exhibit distinct excitation and emission profiles. When compared with the fluorescence of known standards, the intensity of light emitted is correlatable to sample concentration. Leading-edge fluorescence assays enable extremely precise biomolecule detection with, for example, double-stranded DNA quantification to 0.0005 nanograms per microliter (ng/μl).

The application of this innovative technology is frequently limited by the fact that conventional fluorometers are equipped with few excitation and emission channels – often only a light source and optical detectors suitable for a narrow range of fluorescence assays or specific to one manufacturer’s offering. Multiple fluorescence channels enable scientists to perform biomolecular quantitation measurements with compatible assays from a wide range of manufacturers. This provides a plethora of benefits including a wider selection of fluorophores and multiplexing capability, and greater flexibility to access future assay developments.

DS-11 FX+: Multi-Channel Fluorescence Analysis

The DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer is an industry-leading tool for biomolecular quantification offering the most sensitive and broadest dynamic range measurements available. In addition to full UV-Vis analysis of 1µL samples, this standalone device is equipped with four fluorescence excitation/emission channels capable of measuring the majority of commonly used fluorophores.

Fluorescence assays can be excited with wavelengths of light in the 375 – 635nm range and emission can be detected from 435 – 740nm. Protocols for commonly used DNA, RNA and Protein quantification assays such as DeNovix Fluorescence Assays, Qubit™ Assay kits, Quant-iT, PicoGreen, and Quantifluor® are compatible with the system. Custom fluorescence assays designed for biomolecular quantitation studies or new assay kits can be added by the user.

Fluorescence Assays from DeNovix

DeNovix offers the DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer for the most robust fluorescence and microvolume measurements available. We also provide three highly specific dsDNA fluorescence assays with overlapping ranges of sensitivity for an industry-leading dynamic range.

  • Broad Range Fluorescence Assay: 0.1 – 4000 ng/μl
  • High Sensitivity Fluorescence Assay: 0.005 – 250 ng/μl
  • Ultra High Sensitivity Fluorescence Assay: 0.5 – 300 pg/μl

The DeNovix RNA Assay enables specific RNA quantification with a market-leading dynamic range.

  • RNA Fluorescence Assay: 250 pg/µL – 1500 ng/µL RNA.  (Total mass of 0.5 ng to 1500 ng RNA)


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