CellDrop™ Purchase Options


With the launch of the CellDrop Series of instruments, DeNovix is offering customers the ability to choose between two purchase options that best meet their needs.  The two options are the Unlimited (UNLTD) and the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG).  Below are the details for each option.




Unlimited (UNLTD)

  • Customer pays an upfront price and instrument is “unlocked”
  • Unlimited number of measurements can be made at no additional cost


Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

  • Similar to purchase of other cell counters on the market: CellDrop does not require a disposable slide to operate
  • Customer pays a lower upfront price and then purchases a Count Code to enable a defined number of measurements
  • The hardware price and the count price for the PAYG option is similar to other cell counters on the market
  • Counts are purchased from DeNovix (or its distributors) and entered as a 20-digit code into the instrument software
  • Each code is instrument-specific
  • PAYG instruments can be upgraded to UNLTD at any time; 50% of the count codes purchased will count as credit towards the upgrade price
  • Count codes can be applied to a single user account or shared across specified user accounts
  • This option is the ideal solution for labs with smaller capital budgets or lower sample throughput looking to acquire high performance and flexible instrumentation
  • The number of measurements remaining can be viewed at any time in the Count Code App; users are also alerted when the counts remaining drops below a user-settable threshold