CellDrop Trade In, Trade Up 2022 Promotion

CellDrop Automated Cell Counter Promotion: Trade In, Trade Up.

It’s time for an upgrade.

Trade in any brightfield or fluorescence cell counter to receive a special discount on a CellDrop Automated Cell Counter. Offer valid for US customers  Sep 1 – Dec 31, 2022.


"Trade In"

Take a photo of your fluorescence or brightfield cell counter and the serial number label. No need to send us your instrument.

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Complete the form below to request the special trade-in offer. You may provide the information about your current cell counter at a later time (when our team replies to your request).

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Once we have your information, you're all set to upgrade. Check the pricing table below to see the special offer per CellDrop model.

Why Do Scientists Choose CellDrop?

Automated cell counts & viability

Eliminate slide costs & plastic waste

Widest dynamic range + variable chamber height

Powerful data reporting and connectivity

Multi-award winning & highly reviewed

It’s our best CellDrop deal ever.

US Customer Pricing

 Fluorescence (FL) & Brightfield (BF)Brightfield (BF)
ModelCellDrop FL UnlimitedCellDrop FL Pay-As-You-GoCellDrop BF UnlimitedCellDrop BF Pay-As-You-Go
List Price$13,650$9,100$8,100$3,250
Trade-In Offer $2,150 Discount$1,500 Discount + 500 Free Counts$1,200 Discount$300 Discount + 500 Free Counts
Purchase Price$11,500$7,600$6,900$2,950

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