CellDrop awards: ACT Label, Platinum Seal of Quality, Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year

Count Cells Without Slides

Reduce plastic waste, eliminate disposable slide costs, and automate cell counting in your lab with DeNovix CellDrop Automated Cell Counters.

Why Do Scientists Choose CellDrop?

DeNovix patented DirectPipette™ technology replaces hemocytometers and plastic slides traditionally used in cell counting equipment. The CellDrop is the only automated cell counter that eliminates the costs and plastic waste associated with cell counting slides.

CellDrop with ACT Label
Count Cells Without Slides

Automate counts, eliminate costs, and reduce plastic waste in your cell counting workflow.

CellDrop EasyApps software
Intuitive EasyApps™ Software

Easy-to-use, powerful software designed by life scientists, for life scientists.

CellDrop rapid counts and viability
Rapid Cell Counts & Viability

Brightfield – 3 seconds
Dual Fluorescence – 8.5 seconds

Multi-award winning
Multi-Award Winning

Best New Life Science Product of the Year, Platinum Seal of Quality, Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year.

Data reporting and connectivity
Powerful Analysis & Connectivity

Wi-Fi, USB, Email, Ethernet and more. Data app automatically saves results.

Maintenance free
Maintenance-Free Design

No recalibration required for the life of the instrument.

DirectPipette™ Technology

Trust in the reproducibility of your results with CellDrop’s patented sample chamber design.

How it Works: The Sample Chamber
  • Two permanent, optical grade sapphire surfaces
  • Sample is held in place by surface tension
  • Three software-selectable chamber heights enable:
    • Widest dynamic range: 7 x 102 – 2.5 x 107 cells/mL
    • Cell size range: 4 – 400 µm

Load Sample

Load cell suspension into sample chamber. Sample can be loaded from either side of the arm.
Load CellDrop

Count & Analyze

Press the Count button, and let the CellDrop do the work! Count data will appear in 3 – 8 seconds.
Press Count

Wipe Clean

After wiping the surfaces with a dry lab wipe, the CellDrop is ready for the next sample.

Wide Variety of Applications

The CellDrop software excels in a wide variety of applications. View CellDrop technical notes to learn more.

Reducing Plastic Waste in Cell Counting

The CellDrop’s innovative design improves efficiency and sustainability in cell counting equipment by removing the need for plastic slides. Scientists around the world have prevented millions of plastic slides from being disposed of by counting cells without slides.

ACT - The Environmental Impact Factor Label
First ACT® Label Certified Automated Cell Counter

The CellDrop has achieved ACT® Label certification from My Green Lab®, making it the first automated cell counter accredited by the program. The ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label provides a third-party verification for the environmental impact of laboratory products.

Count Cells Without Slides

Watch the video to see how much plastic waste has been reduced by scientists using CellDrop Automated Cell Counters around the world.

How Much Would Your Lab Save with CellDrop?

No slides = less plastic waste and less money spent on consumables.

Automated Brightfield and Fluorescence Cell Counters

CellDrop Models Graphic
CellDrop BF

Feature & Specification Comparison 

Which CellDrop is right for your lab? Compare models with the full list of features and specifications.

CellDrop FL

A Splash of Color in Your Lab

CellDrop is available in two colors: Leaf Green and Arctic White.

Powerful, Intuitive Software

AOPI Nuclei Count


CellDrop results include a wide range of application-specific metrics for each cell sample. Data is clearly displayed on-screen and auto-saved to a large onboard hard drive. Metrics include:

  • Total / Live / Dead Cell Count
  • % Viability
  • Cell Diameter
  • Total / Live / Dead Cell Per mL
Live Dead Cells Graph

Graphical Data Display

A wide range of graph types are available to gain additional sample insight. Overlay multiple samples from the same session or from the data archive for powerful data visualization.

  • Total / Live / Dead Cells
  • % Viability
  • Cluster Size
  • Live and Dead Cells (by size)
  • % GFP Transfection Efficiency

Dilution Calculator

The convenient dilution calculator automatically calculates target dilution volumes of cell culture and buffer based on each cell count. Dilution guidance is displayed prominently on-screen and in printed reports for easy sample processing.

CellDrop FL Home Screen

EasyApps™ Software

CellDrop EasyApps software is designed by life scientists, for life scientists. The system features a high definition, 7″ touchscreen and pre-installed apps for a range of common applications.

Additional apps for accounts, data, and other utilities contribute to the system’s easy-to-use interface.

Optimized Measurement Apps

DeNovix CellDrop Series instruments are stand-alone systems equipped with intuitive, easy-to-use apps for automatic cell counting and viability analysis.

  • Count brightfield cell images in ~3 seconds
  • Live/dead assessment using Trypan Blue or Erythrosin B
  • Cells/mL, cell size, and % viability reported
  • Nuclei concentration and extraction efficiency using Trypan Blue
  • Cell viability analysis using Acridine Orange (AO) and Propidium Iodide (PI) in ~8.5 seconds
  • Analyze primary cells in the presence of debris
  • Nuclei concentration and extraction efficiency using AO/PI assay
  • Yeast viability
  • GFP transfection efficiency
  • Custom methods for other applications

Other Apps

Data app report cells nuclei graph

Data App & Analysis

  • All results and images are automatically saved and searchable in the Data App
  • Large onboard memory enables storage and retrieval of thousands of results
  • Analyze and optimize previous counts
  • Easily export results and graphs
CellDrop PDF report


Export results and images to USB, email, network folders, or printers. Export formats include PDF reports, .csv files, and .png files.

CellDrop Protocol Settings

Counting Protocols

  • Use built-in default protocols, or customize to streamline your workflow
  • Create, save, and easily optimize protocols
  • Custom settings include:
    • Dilution factor
    • Minimum / maximum diameter
    • Cell / nuclei roundness
    • Live / dead intensity threshold
    • Sample mode (DirectPipette or Slide)
    • Irregular cell mode
    • Three chamber height options (400 µm, 100 µm, or 50 µm)
CellDrop Protocol Settings webpage

Protocol Settings Database

CellDrop controls

Controls Toolbar

  • Name sample
  • Choose protocol
  • Exposure
  • Focus (includes Autofocus)
  • Fluorescence channel selector
  • Dilution calculator
CellDrop Auto Focus


Setting the focus on the CellDrop is easy. Because of the CellDrop’s fixed sample surfaces, adjusting focus is not often needed once it has been set. However, the software is also equipped with Autofocus. Just press the Auto button in the focus menu to automatically adjust to the correct focus.

Cell Size Gating

Cell / Nuclei Size Histograms allow easy gating for non-target cells or cell debris. Simply drag the slider to set the cell size of interest and view the results in real time. Results are instantly re-calculated excluding all debris or cells that fall outside of the defined size range

GFP Intensity Gating

GFP Intensity Gating

When using the dedicated GFP App, users can gate cells by fluorescence intensity as well as size. The intensity histogram displays the number of cells counted at each GFP intensity level allowing the exclusion of non-GFP expressing cells or low expressing cells to be excluded from analysis.

Nuclei cluster size graph on CellDrop data app

Advanced Declustering Algorithms

All CellDrop Count Apps use proprietary declustering algorithms developed by DeNovix. Complex samples of regular or irregular cells over a wide range of cell density can be rapidly and accurately counted. Analysis of cluster size and frequency can be performed and graphically displayed.

Nuclei clusters
Brightfield declustering
Sn51 HEK 22 declustering

Irregular Cell Mode

For cells that are elongated or irregularly shaped, enable Irregular Cell Mode from the Protocol Settings or the Optimize Setting button on the results screen. This is ideal for cells that are not round when trypsinized, such as fibroblasts or epithelial cells with a high degree of structure.

Irregular Cell Mode is also used to identify irregularly shaped isolated nuclei, such as smooth muscle nuclei from heart tissue.

CellDrop IQ-OQ


A full installation and qualification (IQ/OQ) package is available for the CellDrop Automated Cell Counter.

CellDrop Performance Verification Slide

Performance Verification Slide

The performance verification slide is a slide with beads fixed on the surface and is designed for assessing the accuracy and precision of a CellDrop Automated Cell Counter. Each slide includes a factory-certified value for the number of beads on the slide. Technical Note 224 provides instructions and calculation tables for validation.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Ready

EasyApps Secure provides an optional suite of software controls that allow regulated GxP facilities to easily add CellDrop to their cell counting workflow (view the compliance statement). The software is fully integrated within the onboard operating system and includes a range of features essential to ensuring compliance, including:

  • Password protected system access
  • Integrated electronic signature controls
  • Comprehensive user account management
  • Secure audit trail recording
  • Advanced data handling and export tools
21CFR compliance ready

Hazardous Samples

The small footprint and onboard processing allow the CellDrop to fit inside most flow hoods. The instrument is also compatible with a range of disposable or reusable slides for hazardous samples that require containment.

Disposable slide on a CellDrop


Assays & Accessories

DeNovix CellDrop Assay Kits are simple to use and designed for Brightfield and Fluorescence applications preloaded on CellDrop instruments.

  • Acridine Orange
  • Propidium Iodide
  • AO/PI Viability Assay
  • Yeast
  • Trypan Blue


The CellDrop has a 4.9 / 5 star rating on SelectScience with hundreds of independent customer reviews.

Purchase Options

  • Unlimited number of measurements can be made at no additional cost
  • Ideal for complete flexibility and freedom in counting
  • Lower initial investment
  • Purchase Count Codes as needed for a specific number of measurements
  • Ideal solution for labs with smaller capital budgets / lower sample throughput looking to acquire high performance
  • Can be upgraded to Unlimited at any time

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