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Reduce plastic waste in your lab, eliminate disposable slide costs and automate cell counting in your lab with DeNovix CellDrop cell counters. Using DirectPipette™ Technology, CellDrop brings familiar load, measure and wipe clean ease-of-use to image-based cell counters. CellDrop is available in Dual Fluorescence and Brightfield (CellDrop FL) or Brightfield only models (CellDrop BF).
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DS-11 Series Spectrophotometers / Fluorometers are the first to offer fluorescence and microvolume UV-Vis measurements in a single instrument. Watch the product video for an overview of the key features of the range, including microvolume and cuvette UV-Vis, Fluorescence and powerful data handling, networking and export options.
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A live demo of the DS-11 Series spectrophotometer / fluorometer. Key features of the unique SmartPath technology are explained along with EasyApps software features for measurement, analysis and exporting. Comparison is made of absorbance and fluorescence measurements.