Technical Note 116

EasyApps™ Software Malware Protection


A natural question regarding DeNovix software is whether it can be infected by a software virus. The simple answer is no. This document will explain how DeNovix EasyApps™ software is protected against malware.

DeNovix Custom Software

DeNovix EasyApps are custom software applications used exclusively on DeNovix instruments. EasyApps run only on a DeNovix “sandboxed” embedded operating system. This technique places virtual walls between apps and external influences.

Sandboxing limits a virus’s capacity to infect a device, as the virus cannot access data from the OS and other parts of the device without a specific user-granted permission. Therefore, viruses—as the term would historically be used—do not exist on embedded devices..

EasyApps controls all user-granted permissions on DeNovix products. In addition, DeNovix custom operating systems only allow apps that are approved by DeNovix to run on the system. Unapproved apps cannot be installed by a user.

For computers, phones or tablets, a bigger concern would be malware that is designed to steal personal information. Since DeNovix instruments and software do not acquire, contain or store personal information, this type of threat is not applicable.


The operating system used by DeNovix instruments provides excellent inherent protection from malware threats.


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