Technical Note 118

DS-11 Series Software Updates


Each DeNovix® DS-11 Series instrument uses software that periodically requires updates. Software updates can be performed in various ways. This document will explain how to easily manage and perform updates on your DeNovix instrument.

Updater App

The Updater app is used to automatically install all apps that require updating. The new software may be installed from a flash drive or directly from the web.

USB/Flash Drive Option

  1. Download the required Latest Software Version ( package from the website directly to the root level of a FAT32 formatted flash drive. Note: Do not unzip the file folders.
  2. Insert the USB device into one of the ports located at the back of the DS-11.

Updater Procedure

  1. Shut down all open apps.
  2. Swipe to page 2 of the Home screen and launch the Updater app.
  3. Press the Check for Updates button. Follow all onscreen instructions.

Important Notes

It is important that all updates are completed. Do not interrupt the update process.

If a firmware update is required, it will automatically take place upon the first launch of any measurement app, such as dsDNA or Protein A280. When the firmware update is complete, relaunch the Measurement app to continue.

If a “Use DS-11 Services for this Device” message appears, select Yes and then Always.


Contact DeNovix customer support for additional assistance. Outside of the US, contact your local distributor for support.

Revised 14 Dec 2020